Spring Cleaning

I must confess, I’m a disaster when it comes to keeping my house organized, especially getting it initially organized. I still haven’t completely unpacked from our move in August. I get overwhelmed, distracted and downright stressed out at the thought of getting everything organized and together.

I petitioned my linear logical thinking sister, who’s whole reality is a system or organizational genius, to help me. She “bought” our old washer/dryer from us so to pay off half of it she helped me organize. We took 12 hours and got my downstairs and carport (which was starting to look like we needed a few run down cars on our lawn to match it…if you know what I mean) all in tip top shape.

We forgot to take before and after photos but I did get these in there.

We got all of this stuff…


out of here…



So you can see our dilemma in that storage room…wow look at all of that health food.

As you may know, I am a LOVER of getting rid of stuff. I don’t hang onto hardly anything and I never buy anything that doesn’t have a specific purpose. Most of my knick-nacks are memories from traveling and anything on my walls is usually something special and not just a picture of something. I don’t have much meaningless stuff, almost everything represents a memory. ANYWAY, I was able to get all of my keepsakes into two small boxes and loads of boxes to give away or sell. Woooot.

We cleaned out closets and got rid of stuff in my kitchen and all my other nooks and crannies. It was fabulous.

I’m really bad at dealing with mail and I have a full box of mail that needs to be thrown away, dealt with or shredded. NOT looking forward to that.

Anyway, next weekend we tackle the upstairs and try and get everything going there. The bathroom will be the hardest because there’s zero storage room in there. We’re going to re-do the vanity soon and put drawers in it…there’s a big empty stupid space in the vanity. It needs drawers.

Hopefully once the house is fully organized then Brent will feel more inclined to continue with renovations. It feels like we are at a stand still.

If any of you are a disaster like me and live in the lower-mainland you might want to consider hiring my amazingly anal sister who’ll turn your house right-side up and make it spotless.


  1. ooooh i so wish i lived in the same area as you cause i LOVE love love to organize ….other peoples stuff that is. hate doing it for myself, but for others, i just wanna get my hands right in there!!

    my bf’s place is just a clutter fest. it’s not dirty or anything, just stuff eeeeeverywhere. think i’d offend his family if i offered to help organize? haha yea probably not a good idea. but i really want to.

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