Step 2

So, we’re in phase two of our homeless situation.  We’re now at Auntie Jen Jen’s house.  No more small apartment!!!  I’m glad!  Although, this place feels like a mansion compared to that tiny apartment!!

Silas was put in the dark family room for a nap.  He played, and played and then cried and then screamed.  So we had a cuddle.  I put him down and he freaked but I left anyway and let him freak.  He didn’t stop freaking for a very long time so I went down for another cuddle but I kept him in the playpen.  When I tried to leave, he threw his leg over the side, flipped over and landed on his back.  The freaking out turned even uglier.  So now he’s playing on the deck.  Ike wont eat because he’s too sleepy but he can’t stay asleep cuz I think he’s hungry.  Silas just dismantled the screen door.  Sorry Jennie, Brent will fix it I promise.

I set Brent up with a few appointments today.  He’s getting his eyes done and getting a haircut.  I hope the lady does a good job.  If not I guess I can fix it for him.  I packed my scissors by “accident”.  I tried to get him in to see the doc about his ears because he’s not hearing well but he was booked.  Oh well.  Brent might hate me for all the appointments.

Anyway, Silas is crying and Isaac is awake. Time to read Junie B Jones and “nurse” again.  Someone should come here to keep me company!


  1. hey, thanks for the comment on my mama. You have a lot on your plate right now, I wish there was something I could do other than to recognize it.

  2. transition…just when you get into a new routine with the kiddos it changes. always the way huh? I think I’m in for it again soon cause I feel comfortable with our schedule. Gaaa

  3. Silas has actually pretty much stuck with this routine since he was under a year old. It’s just being in a weird house. I think that room scares him.

  4. I’m so glad that you’ll all be settled soon – it’s been such a rough time with so much upheaval for all of you. I hope you have moments of peace in all the chaos!

  5. Ha. We should get together and try to “nurse”. Then maybe it won’t be so boring and tedious. Kitten is doing the same thing – eating, but falling asleep, which means that we have to fight the whole time.

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