My little Isaac is becoming the biggest pain in the butt EVER!!  I didn’t know a child could be such a stinker!  I seriously believe it’s why God made them so cute, otherwise we’d throw them out the window!  *kidding of course*.

From the moment Isaac’s feet touch the floor he’s on the move.  He’s so busy!  And he gets into EVERYTHING!!  The other day he felt like he should be helpful so he stuck a bunch of laundry into my toilet!!  The NERVE!!  grrrrr.  Ha ha.

I’ve gotten really good at keeping things out of his reach because he’ll grab anything he can get his hands on.  He must always be exploring.  ALWAYS!!!

He also eats like crazy right now.  It’s driving me nuts.  It’s hard because he takes a bite, drops a bite on the floor, takes a bite, drops a bite on the floor….etc etc etc.  I could lord over the boy while he eats but…I don’t wanna ha ha.  I’m not the hovering type of mom.  I like my kids to figure stuff out themselves as much as they can.  But I’m getting sick of the food throwing.  I wonder if I buckled down for a week if he’d catch on?  There’s just so much WASTE!  Grrrrr.

Ikey is also pretty possessive of me when I’m around.  If him and I are playing then Silas will get the beats if he tries to get in there.  He can hold his own with Silas now, he tackles him sometimes when he’s mad.

Ikey also has a bit of a biting problem but only with Brent.  He enjoys biting Brent for some reason.  Juliet once had a rabbit that would only bite Brent too…I wonder if it’s an animalistic thing?? Noo??

Oh that Ikey…my little pooper scooper.  What a stinker he is.  But he’s so stinking cute!!


  1. i have often wondered that myself…perhaps i shall give him a nibble next time i see him and see what the big deal is…YUCK!

  2. Hi there,
    I have read alot of your blogs, and was wondering if you ever did try the NAET for your son? If so, would you mind commenting? Thanks so much?

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