Stupid Drifting Drifters

I think that they’re making driving lanes too skinny.  I’m terrified passing anyone these days because so many people drift over the line while I do it.  I almost got driven into the boullivard last night.  People just drift everywhere and it drives me freaking crazy.  I think it’s getting worse, it’s really always happening.  I wonder if that means that lanes should just be a bit wider because people obviously can’t handle them.  I usually end up honking at a person who’s drifting every time I drive.  STOP DRIFTING AROUND PEOPLE, YOU’RE FREAKING ME OUT!!!

As to what I said about co-sleeping yesterday, I just don’t think it’s right for me.  You can sleep with your children as much as you want.  I do wonder where you all are getting busy but I guess that’s up to you too :).  After my parents divorced ( I was 5) I slept with my mom a lot, she had to kick me out of the bed once she got remarried.  I think if I wasn’t married I’d sleep with my kidlets too.  I was a super insecure sleep though, I was scared of the dark up until about three years ago…ha ha.  But I’m not hating on people who sleep with their kids.  I just don’t think it’s for me.

Silas is just so dang clever!!  His counting and shape sorting and name shapes and singing the abc’s is just sooo cute.  I think it’s unreal he’s doing all of that already.  He’s so good at memorizing.  Him and I are singing the ABC’s right now.

There, I just took a video of him counting to 10 with my webcam.

Anyway, Leanne is over to visit.  Ta ta.


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