Stupid Sunfires

So my little car switch-a-roo I had to do yesterday was completely disappointing. I went from a brand new Yaris to this old, ugly, filthy Sunfire. I HATE Sunfires. You can tell how spoiled I am because I find the manual locks to be completely annoying, especially when I’m dealing with a little one. I drove that ugly thing home with a big frown on my face. I wish somewhere on it it said “courtesy car” so people would know that I actually wouldn’t purchase such a vehicle. I wouldn’t purchase a Yaris either but it’s way better than a dumb Sunfire. I feel so unsafe in there. Anyway, ya I’m grateful that I have a car to drive but I’m still annoyed that this all happened in the first place. It’s been a real pain in the arse. They said that my car will be ready at the end of next week. Why does it take so stinking long? Stupid girl who hit me, OK I’m going through another anger phase now.

Today Brent and I went to the paint store and I picked out a bunch of swatches and those little take home idea books. Then we went to the flooring store and looked at carpet and laminate. I’m REALLY loving the short shag that they’re selling these days, I think we’ll probably go with that. There’s a Liz Claiborne one that I LOVE and it’s not uber expensive. We also found a really amazing tile for a back splash that we might go with. What’s nice about a small kitchen is that you can use slightly nicer things because you don’t have much space to cover. After Silas naps we’ll go look at the cabinet store. I think we might end up with an Ikea kitchen though. I know they’re durable because my sister has had them a few times. Plus I think it’ll be cheaper than even a discount that Brent’s cabinet guy can give us. Another plus is that they’re made for maximizing a small space which we really need.

A guy looked at me today and said “you look ready” meaning “you’re massive and I can’t believe your child hasn’t popped right out of your skin” I said “thanks (sarcastically), yes I’m very ready”. I wanted to poke his eyes out. Perhaps next time someone will point out my swollen ankles and my jiggly neck as well. Sometimes it feels like my labor is about to start but then it stops. I feel a contraction coming on and I’ll be like “this is so it” and then it doesn’t really peak or finish or anything, it just goes away. I still crave the feeling of a contraction, I’m odd.

Last night we attempted to give Silas and Lucas a bath together. Lucas hasn’t been feeling well and he screamed bloody murder the entire time. I have photos of it but I’m too lazy to stick them up right now so I might later. Anyway, I’m tired so I guess it’s nap time.


This is my Mom with all of us siblings last weekend on our Mother’s Day celebration!

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