Time To Come OUT!

Okay, the baby has been dropped for three weeks. TIME TO COME OUT! Silas wasn’t dropped for this long I don’t think. It’s weird because I have less braxton hicks than I did a few weeks ago and I feel less pressure as well. Am I just used to it? I’d like him to come out now. He pushes so hard on my tummy that it hurts. I’m super sensitive right in the centre of my tummy where the muscles separate or whatever so when he pushes there it really hurts. He’s also been enjoying head-butting my cervix as I’m trying to sleep at night (doesn’t do it during the day).

So I have to bring my rental car back today because the body shop has a courtesy car for me. The rental place will pay for a taxi for me to go from there to the body shop. The problem is, I have a car seat. I’m assuming I can put that in a taxi? I sure hope so or I’m screwed. My car has been in the shop since Tuesday but it’s still not fixed. Poo. I don’t even know what’s wrong with it either. I love how ICBC takes care of everything so well though. They make it as stress free as it can be on me. I’ve already got a check from them that’s for the full amount of the new car seat I had to buy. Craaazy.

I’ve had some success in getting Silas to eat dairy products and fruit. He wont eat it if he’s in his high-chair but he’ll eat it if I’m sitting down and he’s standing in front of me. Today he ate a bunch of yogurt and a good amount of grapes too (don’t worry, they weren’t whole ones). I put him down an hour later today because he’s just not going to sleep for me at 11. He’s been sleeping longer in the mornings (thank GOD!) so I guess he can nap later in the day. We still put him to bed at the same time but he’ll play in there sometimes until 9 so I guess that’s up to him, he’s out of my hair at around 8. This morning I woke him up at 8:30 because I didn’t want him to not nap this afternoon. His schedule can’t go too late!! I’m glad he’s sleeping longer though, I can’t believe a few weeks ago he was waking up between 5:30 and 6:30…ahhh! Those black garbage bags on the windows are the trick I think! Thanks Roselle.

So today we removed subjects and signed on the dotted line. The deposit is down and we’re home owners soon!! Brent and his boss did the inspection yesterday and they were surprised to see that all was very well in there. Now it’s time to pick out paint and carpet and laminate and perhaps cupboards. We’re thinking of re-arranging the whole kitchen, living and dining area. It could be laid out a lot nicer and it wouldn’t be a terribly large job. We saw photos of a place in there that had been changed and we both like it a lot better. It adds another wall to the living room which it needs in there because it’s awkward where the furniture would go. Then it opens the kitchen up to the dining room. It really wouldn’t add more cupboard space or anything, it would just make it more practical. Right now it’s a galley kitchen so it seems really cramped. Two people will not do well in that kitchen as it stands. It’s good my hubby is in construction because we can do this all for so cheap so it’s worth it. He’s going to his bosses house to pick out new doors for the inside and we’ll get tile and everything from them as well. All free. We probably can get free granite counters as well which is lovely. If we need new appliances then we get them for much cheaper than most. We recently bought a stacker washer/dryer for $400 less than the regular price. Woot.

Anyway, I’m going to see if Silas is sleeping and then perhaps I’ll nap. Yesterday I thought he was sleeping and I fell asleep only to hear him yelling “HAPPY!!” 30 minutes later. The booger was just being quiet. Needless to say I didn’t get any sleep yesterday!


Here’s a photo of me that made it into my mom’s album. Aren’t I cute? Silas and I look so much alike!


  1. Congratulations on the new home!!Hope all the reno s go smoothly, you really could use some smooth going.

  2. Leah, I’ll say it here, and I’ll say it later too. DON’T do too many renos right away. You WILL lose your sanity, especially with a newborn. Remember how naive Colin and I were when we started? No big deal, it’s not that big of a job. Even if it looks easy, it is ALWAYS harder than you think it’s going to be…and I know that Brent is handy and knows how to do all that stuff. But remember that you want him to be helping you with children, especially at first. AHHH! It scares me when you say you’re going to do all that stuff – it stresses me out, and it’s not even my house!

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