Spiderman 3 and Bad parenting

Yesterday I had nothing to write about but I really did, I just forgot.  When I was at the theater watching SM3 I was astonished to see young children there.  I HATE that.  It’s even a school night people, not to mention and totally inappropriate movie for children.  This poor little girl (looked about five) was screaming at some points, cowering in her mother’s lap, and then cried for the last 15 minutes of the movie.  OH MY GOSH!  People go out of their way to bring these poor children to these things.  Most bad parenting is just laziness but no, this is like making an effort to harm your children.  Paying MONEY to harm them.  I did lots of looking and glaring and whatnot so I hope she got the point.  I don’t understand why she didn’t take the poor child out.  She had an older son there too who in my mind is still to young to be watching that stuff.  My sister Jill informed me about how super heros aren’t the best thing for kids because they use violence to solve problems and they’re never held accountable to anyone.  I think there’s more reasons too, Jill?  I can’t believe parents do these things, am I just old fashioned or what?  Kids don’t NEED that kind of stuff at all.  If you want to go out of your way and pay money on a night out with them why not go mini golfing or something?  At least your child wont get nightmares from it!

Anyway, my darling Silas is just learning more and more words.  He says “goodnight” to me now when I lay him down for his nap and today he started saying “I love you”.  We yell “I love YOU” back and forth, it’s wonderful.  A couple of days ago he was pretending to talk on his imaginary phone that he holds to his ear sometimes and he was going on and on in gibberish and saying “ummmmm” a lot.  Then he went “OK bye….beep”, he made the beep sound that the phone makes when you hang it up.  I love how much he observes, it’s amazing.  I’m doing a good job at getting his “sucky” out of his mouth during the day.  I just want it in there for sleeping and waking up cuddles.  We go through half hour phases of him cuddling and crying and saying “sucky sucky” in the most adorably sad voice I’ve ever heard.  I can usually distract him.  He has also been bringing me lots of things.  He’ll find some little bit of something on the floor and bring it to me like it’s really important.  If he’s holding something he’s not supposed to, he’ll run it over to me with this very panicked look on his face, it’s funny.  So far today he’s brought me a business car, a pop can, some bits of paper, etc.  I know these things shouldn’t be laying around but I’m very pregnant and actually doing a better job of keeping my house clean than last week.  Anyway, my baby bear is growing up so fast, changing every day and learning new things.  I’m so proud of him.


  1. I’m happy to hear I’m not the only parent who wouldn’t allow their child to watch that and who frowns very big on people who do. Even Scooby Doo isn’t allowed here anymore – too many nightmares. Sometimes my friends say I’m being a hard ass, but I can really only protect my babies while they are home with me and little so I’m doing it while I can. Is it the right thing…. *shrugs shoulders* who knows…. who cares – we try.

    Silas sounds so gosh darn cute! The things they learn…. I wish they could stay little for a lot longer. We play the I love you more game a lot…. I love you more than (name something)…. No Way… I love you more than (name something bigger)

  2. Leah you so right about children at movies that are’t right for them. Don’t parents consider that there is “a time” for everything. Maybe you will help people to think about that Leah. I realize we are missing out on so much of Silas, he’s doing such cute stuff.I had my first physio session today, ouch, don’t much look forward to doing those painfull excercises either, but I will because I want my finger to work for me.

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