Boring Today

Silly me, my sheets are in the laundry, where will I nap?  I guess I can try the couch but Ellen is so darn entertaining.

Last night I saw Spiderman and it wasn’t as wonderful as the first ones.  Too bad because they spent tons of money on it.  They just over-did it and when I was ready for them movie to be over, they introduced another villain.  AHHHH!!  My back was killing me the whole time which made me slightly jaded as well.  2.5 weeks till this sucker is due.  I want him out now, these stupid stretch marks that are appearing on my stomach are making me angry.  Silas is in a good mood today so that’s lovely and my house is semi clean so that’s good too.

I really have nothing to say but I feel like I need to be blogging every day.  Perhaps I’ll go watch Ellen now.  Sorry I’m boring.  Anyone wanna come pack up my house for me?


  1. I know. I had to turn away! I was upset when I first thought my baby would be here this week, because I really wanted to go see the movie.. but now I can! Haha.

  2. In regards to the pound thing, I wrote in RMB’s blog.. “Both you girls better be quiet. I gained 3 lbs in 3 days… so HUSH.”

  3. I’m sorry the stretch marks are gettin’ on ya, I’m sure you did nothing to deserve them. Don’t they make cream to deal with them, come to think of it I read that str. marks are a result of too little zinc, check that out. Leah you will lose the weight as you hve before, its water (most ofit) not fat.

  4. I heard this about SM3 – “Less crying – More dying”. I’m not racing out to see it, but I’m sure it will come across my screen eventually.

  5. if you can tie down christa for a saturday or sunday, i will make the trip into Vancouver and drive her out to your place (i’m not entirely sure where that is) and she and I can pack for you while you play mommy/ violet sitter.

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