Glorious Relief

I don’t know if I mentioned that I had lost my keys this Saturday.  I searched for them high and low and after finally feeling defeated about it last night, I had a good 45 minute cry about it (I’m sure the cry had to do with other things but this put me over the top).  These keys had my key-less entry remote on them and losing that lessens the value of my car (not to mention it being whacked last week), the garage door opener was important because I had put a deposit on it and I was going to lose that.  I would almost most likely be fined because they’d need to replace all the locks in the building.  I thought I had lost it at Jennie’s house or outside my house here so I was scared that some creep found them and knew where I lived.  I wasn’t safe, my car wasn’t safe, nothing was safe!!  Anyway, I usually don’t answer my phone when there’s an unknown long distance # on it because I know it’s usually a telemarketer but for some reason I did this morning and it was a lady who worked for the speed pass gas thingy and someone had called her because they recognized my speed pass on my key chain (another thing that could have gone terribly wrong!) and they called her.  MY KEYS WERE FOUND.  I had some tears of joy about that.  The keys are now safe at home although the garage door opener is busted completely…so I’ll have to say goodbye to about 100 bucks but that’s okay because my keys are home with me.  I’ve already paid that two years ago so I don’t think I’ll miss it.  That really brightened my mood today because I was completely a mess about this.  The lady who found them had run over them on the street just down from my house and took the time to stop and pick them up!  I guess I left them on the roof of the car.  Now that I think about it, I remember thinking that I may have left them there but I never said anything at the time and quickly forgot about it.  Anyway, that’s a yay thing to be happy about!  I think I’ll try and find the lady’s address and get flowers delivered to her.

Silas is almost 18 months!  He’s talking SO much now, repeating the last word of sentences and whatnot.  Wow there’s a very creepy guy on my deck with a pressure washer.  They should notify us that this is happening because all my windows would have been left open if I was gone.  I’m just going to hide behind the computer until he’s gone.  I want to play with the pressure washer though, those look like too much fun.  Anyway, back to darling Silas.  He’s talking lots and still tantruming quite a bit.  His temper is very short but we’re working on it.  Sometimes I have no energy for it whatsoever.  He’s really gotten into kissing which is wonderful for me!  He’ll kiss my cheek and when he did that at first I’d say “ohhhhhh nice” so now he kisses my cheeks and says “ohhhh” and then pulls away and says “nice”.  It’s terribly cute.  (this guy is going to leave hard water marks on my windows I know it…grrr….oooo he’s cleaning my screens though…nice, they needed this done like two years ago!)  Anyway, yesterday we went to visit Leanne and Lucas.  I was feeling down so I thought letting Silas run around her back yard would be a nice change for him and me.  We had a pretty good time, Silas loves this pile of rocks that they have and spend most of his time rearranging them.  He was asking for water so I turned  on the hose and filled my empty fast food cup with water for him.  He was very excited and just dumped it all over himself, now he’s wet.  Then he noticed all the water running all over the cement pad they have so he bent over and started slurping the water off of it.  He came up and his forehead was all filthy, it was pretty gross but all kids need to eat dirt, it’s good for them :).  He also played in some other dirt and spent a lot of time drinking water.  He was very wet and very dirty.  What a darling.  There will be photos of this event posted below.

Anyway, that’s mainly it.  I’m thinking of packing now.  I need to start that soon.  We’ve found a place to stay if we need it for the month of July which lessens the stress a bit.  We’re all approved mortgage-wise and on our way to removing subjects on this place and I’m getting a million of fixing up idea’s in my head.  I think we might have to re-do the kitchen cupboards to make it more efficient in there.  I know Ikea has many solutions for small spaces.  But I’m excited to pick out new flooring for the upstairs and get started with all of that.  I’m baffled about paint colors, the place really needs it though because it’s been patched up with the wrong color, yikes!  I do believe it’s nap time now.  Enjoy some photos!


ooo water!




That was soooo refreshing!


Having a drink.  I promise that’s water and not pop!


Stealing some toys from Lucas





  1. Leah I’m so happy that you r keys were returned to you, what a nice lady, I’m thrilled about her. It’s like the time I lost my glasses on a hiking trail and I hadn’t a clue where to begin looking. I posted a note and a lady saw the note and I got my glasses back. Turned out she was a single mom, I gave money to go out for a meal with her kids. GREAT pictures ! Slurp is especially good.

  2. Thank goodness she found the keys! And how nice to call work on getting them returned. Seems most people now-a-days would look and drive/walk off. Those pictures are very cute and I agree – kids need to get a taste of mud and dirt 🙂 I was just working with that kid yesterday who said he never played in the mud and I was so shocked! What kid hasn’t played in the mud and gotten dirty?!

  3. Wow, it’s nice that my backyard is just so ugly, and now it’s on your blog:) Super cute, though. Silas is such a darling, especially when he’s all full of mud, dumping rocks through the gate and shouting “Happeeeeee!!” at the top of his lungs. Gotta love it.

  4. We are glad you found your keys Munchy! Haha! All of your readers will now know that I call you Munchy!! Munchy munchy munchy!! Ya, that was kind of silly I know…
    Nice pictures of Silas and Lucas too!

  5. Yay for someone finding your keys. That’s too bad about the garage door opener, but at least all the locks don’t have to be changed! 🙂

    Silas looks like he’s having a lovely time! I wish that I could go roll in the mud! 🙂

  6. Ha ha. The backyard adds to the appeal of the photos. I sent the slurping one to all my friends with the caption “What do redneck babies do when they’re thirsty?” I am TOTALLY not criticizing your backyard Leanne – mine is WAY worse.

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