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The best part about today, thus far, is that my chiropractor adjusted me and I feel much better.  Afterwards Jules and I went for a walk which was nice.  Now I just need to go into labor!  I mainly want to go into labor so I don’t get any more stretch marks on my tummy though, I keep forgetting there’s a child I have to care for on the other side of that.

I meet with the adjuster tonight to work out this whole ICBC claim.  The girl hasn’t made a claim yet but I just called in with all her info so she’ll be getting contacted.  I’m still feeling some anger towards her but I guess that’s just normal.  Grrrr.

My mother’s day was OK.  Silas slept in for me which I already talked about and Jules cleaned my kitchen and fridge.  I held her her tightly for a moment when she told me that.  Brent and I went to the wedding and the food was really good, yum.

I need to go take my nap now.  I probably wont sleep but we’ll see.  I see my doc today too.  Perhaps with that adjustment and a walk and a rest (combined with so much stress) will get me in labor.  I’m getting a braxton hicks this very moment!


  1. I was busy this weekend working on the pool at my parents and my Dad kept saying I’d better be careful or I’d have that kid right there in the lawn….. I kept saying that was my plan so leave me be 🙂 And then I too would remember…. okay so I need to worry about him/her more than myself – but golly I’m tired and ready to be done. I just want to hold my baby already.

    Hope the car mess is straightened out soon. I’ve been in numerous wrecks, ALL the other person’s fault (thank goodness!!). I’ve not yet been in a wreck with my son in the car – that’ll surely send me into a frenzy and somebody will be listening to me for a while….. or at least until the cops get there and tell me to chill the heck out. I have terrible road rage as it is when it comes to bad drivers.

  2. I’m glad you’re feeling better, especially after the wreck the other day.

    I hope your baby comes soon! I can’t imagine what that last week or three must be like. I’ll be there soon enough, but I can only imagine from here.

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