The Best Present EVER!

Welp, I just got my rental car.  It’s a cute little Yaris, they are rather spacious.  I meet with my adjuster tomorrow and I guess we’ll go from there.  So far friggen driver girl hasn’t filed her claim.  I just want this all to be over!!!

Last night we gave our Mom the best mothers day surprise ever.  We got a bunch of slides that my grandparents had and we got them made into digital.  We also took the few measly slides that my mom had and put them onto digital and made up a slide show and photo albums for her.  The photos were from the birth of my oldest sister Jennie all the way up to 1988 when her and my Dad got divorced.  My mom really had no photos of us as babies and she was really sad about that for many years.  The good thing about it all is that we gave her “the best present she’s every received” (her words) and she even cried a little.  It’s nice for us too because we’ve all been wanting photos of ourselves as well.  I had only seen a handful of photos of me before I was five so it was really nice to see some of them.  I loved that we could do this for our mom.  She deserves it!  We had many people on the inside and my grandparents helped a lot with finances and getting those slides put onto disc, it’s way cheaper to have it done in the US.  Anyway, I was so happy that we could do that for her…yay!

Today we go to a wedding which really isn’t on the top of my list for fun things to do on mother’s day.  Let’s hope the food’s good and that I don’t go into labor because we’ll be a 1/2 hour out of town!  My husband is attempting to iron a shirt and I’m frightened.  Silas gave me a nice mother’s day present this morning, he slept in until 9.  Too bad I didn’t sleep in that long :(.

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  1. Even I was excited at the thought of the present you all gave to your mom and I hope to see it sometime , I can imagine her surprise and joy. A Yaris you say I’ve seen them, glad you like it, even more glad that you’re okay and that you have a car to drive.

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