Friggen Drivers

So, yesterday I got in a car accident.  It wasn’t my fault at all which is the only nice part about it.  This is all about stupid people who are to courteous of drivers and stupid people who don’t look when they’re making a turn.  I was coming down a very busy street yesterday with Jill, Cornelius, and Silas in my car.  Someone stopped to let a person make a left hand turn out of a parking lot.  You don’t EVER do that unless traffic isn’t moving.  In this instance traffic on this very busy street was moving and I was moving along rather nicely in the left lane.  When I saw those cars stopped I just assumed that someone was making a right hand turn into the parking lot but all of a sudden this car was coming out and at first I thought she’d stop but she just came.  I slammed on the breaks and said “no no no no no” and WHAM we hit.  I whacked my head a little on the side of the car.  The girl backed up into the parking lot and Jill went to see if she was OK.  I came out of the car bawling my eyes out and ran to see if Silas was OK.  He was totally fine and didn’t make a sound, Jill and Cornelius were totally fine too.  When Jill got to the girl she was on her phone calling work to tell them she wasn’t coming in.  Not calling 911 because she just hit a VERY pregnant woman.  She never asked if I was OK or if the kids in the back were OK, she actually never talked to me.  Then whole shebang came, firemen, ambulance, police…I had to go to the hospital because I had hit my head and I was pregnant.  The baby needed to be checked out.  Everything checked out OK and thankfully I feel no pain from the accident this morning.  Just the pain of the added stress of this whole situation.  My car got towed because there was metal hanging by the wheels and the firemen didn’t think I could drive it home (which was conveniently right across the street although I wasn’t coming from there).  I have to rent a car now, buy a new car seat, get my car fixed and work through all this claim stuff.  Luckily it was all her fault so I’ll be reimbursed for most things.  If I can find my receipt for my car seat I’ll get reimbursed for it fully or if I can find the exact same one to buy.  I think I’ll try to find the same one to buy because we got it on sale.  Anyway, sucky deal at a sucky time.  I’m just glad no one is hurt.  I could have done with a cut that would leave a scar, at least get some cash out of the deal.  Kidding, kinda.  I was awarded 11 grand once from ICBC from a car accident where my darling brother drove us over a little cliff.  That wasn’t such a nice accident.  So this is #2 on my accident list and both weren’t my fault and that’s what you go for.  That girl’s insurance is going to go up a lot!

Anyway, that’s the blog for today.  My parents are coming over and Mark is going to take me out shopping for a new car seat.  Woot…not really.


  1. wow. i can’t believe she didn’t even check to see if you were okay. the nerve some people have. she gets what she deserves, but sorry you had to be a part of that.

  2. Yah we got hit when I was pregnant as well and the girl disappeared on us. The insurance company couldn’t find her, she just vanished.

    Dumb young drivers and not paying attention, makes me SOOOO mad.

  3. I’m so sorryto about the car accident , you so did not need one more thing on your plate. I’m so glad you are okay as well as Silas and chim chim, I guess he’s well padded with all that water you provide for him. Glad to hear about the house buying.

  4. Wow, so glad to hear you’re all OK! What a terrible ordeal to go through at this stage of the game! From experience … don’t be surprised if you start feeling sore after a day or two … it’s a common reaction. Unsolicited advice: go see a chiropractor as quickly as you can. I was in a car accident with a friend – I saw a chiro care and was completely better in a month – she was still in pain after a year (no chiro).

  5. Oh I’ll be seeing my chiro, I neeeeed him badly just for pregnant stuff. I really think I wont get sore though, my head didn’t hit that hard.

    I went through a super angry phase about all of this today, I can’t believe the way people drive sometimes. GRRRRR!

    Good news though, I found a car seat that’s exactly the same as the one in the accident so we’ll be fully reimbursed!

  6. I am forever amazed at the stupid moves drivers make while in traffic. What really gets me is when I see people using their cell phones. Okay, I know that a LOT of people do it but I don’t care if I am stepping on some toes here because those same people will talk on the phone while trying to execute risky maneuvers while in traffic. I can’t tell you how many near accidents I have seen because of someone on their cell phone.

    With that said, do I really need to go into people reading their papers, putting on makeup, eating, using laptops, palm computers, etc.?

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