Telling The Kids We Are Pregnant

Since my kids are older, I just couldn’t wait for the time where we would be telling the kids we are pregnant.  Telling Silas I was pregnant with Isaac didn’t mean much.  He was 10 months old and completely oblivious to my pregnancy.  He obviously doesn’t have a memory without his brother.  They’re so much older now so they TOTALLY get it.

We didn’t want to tell the kids until we were ready for other people to know,  we also thought that the news would actually be really special to my sister’s if it came from my kids so we didn’t wait TOO long.  Thankfully, Christmas morning hit at pretty much the right time.  It was a bit early but who am I to keep my news THAT long?  It’s a miracle we made it to Christmas!

Christmas morning came.  We were at my parents house and we waited until they had opened every last present before we sat them down and told them we had one more to share with them.

That was so much fun, they’re reactions were great.  As disinterested as Isaac looked, he’s actually been very excited and he takes good care of me.  He’s so cute – he will hold his hand over his mouth when he talks to me so I don’t gag at his breath.  Sweet boy.

Silas is keeping track of my dates.  This morning he announced to me that I was 10 weeks!!  Double digits baby!  1/4 of the way there.


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