Sickness on Top of Morning Sickness


Being sick on top of morning sick is stupid. Germs should have a universal law forbidding them to touch a pregnant woman…or a new mother…ok maybe just mother’s in general. I’m coughing and coughing and now my sinuses are hurting and I’m a wimpy sick person and I’m already sick and now I’m just sicker and it’s making me MAD!

Ikey is home with me too. We have the same thing. He’s recovering really fast so I hope I do too. He had one night with a bad fever and then he seemed ok other than a bit of a cough. I kept him home today just to be sure. He fed Cleo for me so that makes keeping him home totally worth it. Her food stinks.

Anyway, I’m going back to my zombie novel and hot lemon and honey. Maybe I can convince Ikey to make lunch too.


I could have just been bloated but….I feel like I’m starting to pop out, those pants used to hold the tum tums in.


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