Pregnancy Dreams

So I’m kind of enjoying all these wacky dreams that come along with pregnancy.  I usually don’t remember them or the details but now it’s like I’m living two lives.  Real life and dream land.  Pregnancy dreams ROCK.  I don’t remember them being like THIS.

I think my dream last night was partly me processing my desires to have a home birth but on the other hand – being totally afraid of it and not wanting to take ANY chances whatsoever.  Also, I think my husband was snoring loudly.

So apparently Brent’s family had this cabin that they went to their whole lives – this isn’t actually true but we’re in the dream now.  Brent and I actually went to this far far away cabin in the woods, in the snow to give birth to this baby (even though baby is due in the heat of August!).  So we do, and the birth was really uneventful (because I’m learning hypnobirthing you know – and it’s going to be peaceful this time).  After the baby is born it kind of disappeared out of the dream and all the focus was around the after birth.  I was pleased that I wasn’t feeling the ring of fire this time but I was just meandering about and waiting for the time to come to deliver the placenta.  Apparently that’s a good time to meander.

So when I feel ready for it to come out I start to worry, I never thought about it all not delivering properly.  Like when I had delivered Isaac and my doctor poked around in my ring of fire for like 10000 hours trying to get all the pieces and then like a week later I actually gave birth again!  Anyway, I’m trying to get Brent’s attention because I feel like his involvement at this point is important and he’s SNORING and asleep and he won’t wake up!  I’m SUPER pissed.

So, I get the oogly blobby thing out and I immediately start checking it over to make sure it’s all there (like I know what I’m looking for) and I was a bit nervous and really pissed at the snoring.  Then I realize that I’m about to bleed for 2 weeks and I have nothing and I really started wishing I was in a hospital with one of those gigantic diapers they put on you when you’re all cleaned up.  And they send you home with a few and you love them because they’re so massive and absorbent.  All I could do was bunch up some TP in my undies.  I then realize that I also forgot a squirty bottle!!  You know, the ones they give you after you deliver so you can spray your undercarriage and get it all cleany clean.  I was kind of in a panic.

The dream then kind of dissolved into something else where there was this tiny Asian girl sleeping in our bed and Brent said not to wake her….I dunno…I think Brent’s snoring ACTUALLY woke me up and I’ll never know how I dealt with it all.

That was the dream.  You’re welcome.


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