The Morning Cuddle

Every morning I go get Silas from his crib, bring him to my bed and have a cuddle. This morning I was thinking I should try and write out our conversation the best I can. I usually sing to try and keep him in there as long as possible so I can keep my eyes closed for as long as possible.

Silas: *screaming* BAH AHHHH BAAAHHHHHH!!!! (sometime’s he’s yelling PANCAKE!!)

Mommy: *sleepily walks out of bed and opens Silas’ door* Mommy come get me, Mommy come get me (trying to teach him a good way of calling to me in the morning)

Silas: good morning, cuttle??

Mommy: *picks up Silas* good morning Silas * brings him into her room*

Silas: cuttle Dadd….*notices Daddy isn’t in bed*

Mommy: * gets cozy with Silas in bed* Daddy is at work

Silas: bye bye Daddy….be right back!

Mommy: Daddy will be home for supper.

Silas: Wheels on the bus?

Mommy: *sings* The wheels on the bus go..

Silas:*interrupts* birdie?

Mommy: *sings* The birdie on the bus goes tweet..

Silas: *interrupts* bunny?

Mommy: *sings* the bunny on the bus goes *starts snuffling his ears*

Silas: *giggles*Piggy?

Mommy: *sings* the piggy on the bus goes oink…

Silas: *interrupts after seeing his wooden T-rex dinosaur puzzle piece (why is it on my bedside table anyway?)* DINOSAUR!! DINOSAUR.

Mommy: yes Silas, a dinosaur

Silas: Purple, purrrrple *grabbs “Tebby Bear”* graaaaay…..graaaay

Mommy: yes Silas, it’s gray!

Silas: *babbles to the dinosaur, every once in a while saying “purple”* Twinkle Twinkle?

Mommy: *sings* twinkle twinkle little star…

Silas: *interrupts* Da wheels on da bus?

Mommy: *sighs then sings* the wheels on the bus go…

Silas: twinkle twinkle?

Mommy: twinkle twinkle little star

Silas: star?

Mommy: The star on the bus goes twinkle twinkle twinkle…

Silas: TWINKLE TWINKLE?? Mini wheats?



Mommy: twinkle twinkle little star…

Silas: hungry?? I some foooood? Cheerios? Mini Wheats? FOOOOD??

Mommy: *grimly rises from bed, defeated once again by Silas’ growling belly*

Silas: *throws his soother on the bed* get your sucky *grabs sucky*…get your smushy *grabs smushy* get your Tebby Bear *grabs Tebby

and with everything in his arms walks across the bed to me with a big smile on his face*

Mommy: Lets put Tebby back in bed?

Silas: *screaming* FOOOD I SOME FOOOOOD???

Mommy: yes Silas, we’ll have food, lets just put Tebby back in bed he’s sleepy

Silas: * screaming* I SOME FOOOD?? DOWNSTAIRS?? HUNGRY??

Mommy: * after chucking Tebby back into his crib from across the room, I cover his mouth and run past Ikey’s door* SHHHHH Ikey’s sleeping

Silas: *whispers* Ikey sleeeeeeeeeping.

Mommy: *sigh*

Gotta love routine hey?


  1. I love it. I can just imagine how it went…thanks Leah. Isn’t it nice that Silas can actually tell you what he wants. Think I’ll read it all again.

  2. Silas must have some Shredded Wheat genes someplace there in his body. He just hasn’t been able to describe the longing to you yet. I grew up on Shredded Wheat biscuits for breakfast for at least 16 years and since my longing started almost 80 years ago, those biscuits must be good.

  3. Mmmmm Shredded Wheat – I never did understand my Dad’s p0uring boiling water on his Shredded Wheats!!! I do like oatmeal now though dad!!!

  4. As long as those mini wheats are not the suger
    coated ones. To Leah’s Mom – it wasn’t your father
    who poured hot water over the shredded wheat – it was your Ma. Glad you like oatmeal now.


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