I’ve Got my Shoes on

I feel like I have a lot to talk about today, I’ll split it up into segments and you can read the parts you’re interesting in. But you have to read this first bit. I think I’ve found my salvation!

My salvation

Courtenay introduced me to a website called Flylady and I had no idea what she was talking about. All I knew is that she shined her sink and took a photo. I was so down that day that I couldn’t even focus on the site (it is laid out pretty poorly…but the content is GOOD!) so I just asked her about it. Something to do with house cleaning. OK. So last night I finally checked it out and man, it seems like the site was meant for ME! Her language is perfect for people like me. The great thing is, she used to be a disaster house cleaner as well.

Each week we work on a zone and she gives you your chore for that zone in the morning in an email. She does send you a million emails but the content is so stinking good that I read every one.

The big thing that caught my eye is that she says you need to get dressed right up to your shoes each day. Thinking back, I did go through a time where I’d put my runners on each day because it made me feel perky. It’s harder to lay down with shoes on, it’s annoying to take them off because they’re laced up. So today, I have my shoes on and I feel great. It’s weird how much spunk a pair of runners gives you. I’m spunky!

I just finally feel like there’s something out there that’s going to teach me what I need to know. My brain never picked up on the things that most people’s do. I don’t think to put anything away after I use it. For some reason if I have a piece of garbage I just stick it somewhere obscure and don’t even think about the trash can. I don’t have any cleaning habits at all. None. I just have a line between where I think stuff is gross…if it’s too gross I’ll fix it. Because of this I’ve been overwhelmed by the big picture of being a house keeper. It’s too much to focus on and I don’t know where to start. So, I’m now focusing on baby steps. My first baby step is to shine my sink and I have to do it every day. It’s shiny!

My mom knows very well that if she gives me little tasks a time and tells me exactly what to do, I can do it fine. Once the direction is gone I kind of stand there not knowing what to do. This website gives me my daily direction and hopefully I’ll train myself to form some habits. Or I might need it all my life, who knows? I’m obviously a little “special” in the house cleaning area.

Ikey Sleeps!!

Isaac slept all the way through the night last night. I stopped nursing him at night on Friday and I was crazy nervous about it. Such a scary thing to do hey? But he wasn’t that awful…it could have been worse. I didn’t sleep that night because I was nervous but he did alright. Yesterday’s night he slept straight through until 7 so I was hard-core and didn’t nurse him until the time he usually rises: 9. I used to nurse Silas at 6ish every morning and he’d go back to bed. I wish I hadn’t because he went through this phase of waking and thinking it was 6am and wanting to nurse. We had no idea what was wrong until I finally weaned him from nursing completely and he never did it again!

I’m so proud of Ikey. Brent and I both checked on him this morning to make sure he was still alive. Ha ha.

I’m a stubborn dumb-head

So, for the longest time I’ve been getting up in the night and retrieving Silas’ soother from the floor. It can happen up to 7 times a night. For some reason I thought getting one of those soother attachment things was a bad idea. Would it bother him? Would he just take it off? I was stupid and didn’t give it a try. All of my friends did it and all of their kids didn’t bother them to get their sucky. I finally remember and grabbed one from Wal Mart and voila, my interrupted sleep is over (unless he needs water…). What the heck was I thinking? Taking advise is a good thing.

Weight Loss Wednesday

So I have a new plan and this stemmed from the Flylady site. She sends an email for you to get up and move for 10 minutes. I tried this morning and had a dance party with Silas while Ikey ate Cheerios. I thought how easy it was to just move for 10 minutes so I devised a plan!! I set my timer for 50 minutes. Once the timer goes then I have to move for 10 minutes, drink a glass of water and set the timer again for another 50 minutes. I’ll do this from 8am until 6pm every night so I’ll be getting an hour and 40 minutes a day of movement in. I know I wont get to my fat burning stage there but at least I’m burning a few calories, getting my heart beating and getting off my rump. I think I’ll have to be creative though because sometimes that 10 minutes might be during a screaming fit. Anyway, there’s my new plan. I also hope that Leanne will take me up on my walking idea…..want to Leanne?? Wanna wanna wanna?? Everyone go bug Leanne and tell her to walk with me :).

I have to admit. I gained weight over Christmas but really, it’s Christmas and you shouldn’t be worried about your weight. You should be eating and drinking and enjoying people around you…and sipping ginger tea to take away your bloat.


  1. Yay that Leanne will walk with you , and yay for the FlyLady, it is so exciting to land on some good advice like that. Give Ikee a kiss from me for sleeping thru the night and one for Silas just because and one for Brent too .

  2. Dude. Flylady is serious! I love it! While my house isn’t spotless by any means, it’s certainly a lot cleaner that it used to be. You should look up their control journal stuff. It will help you build a schedule/routine/plan that will guide you along and make it less easy for you to be distracted. I also love that they have a holiday plan too, for Christmas and whatnot.

    So how’s your kitchen looking this week? 🙂

  3. I seem to have some of the same problems as you with keeping up my house. I was told about Flylady too but the first time I looked at it I just couldn’t read through it-you are right when you said that site is layed out terribly. Thought it was just me but maybe not. Anyway, maybe I should give it a second try….

  4. Yay, I’m so glad everyone is checking it out! I felt soooo good yesterday after accomplishing a lot. It’s crazy how a shiny sink and a pair of shoes can make you feel!!

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