Goodness I’m feeling better.  I was pretty down for the last month or so.  I was really stressed about Christmas and how everything was going to work with Silas’ peanut allergy.  Then I got the post holiday blues which isn’t helpful.  I have some theories about the post holiday blues.  I think part of it has to do with our bodies trying to get rid of all the garbage in our bodies that we consume.

After Christmas we usually have all made some sort of resolution to eat healthier so we go from eating crap to eating tons of good things that are naturally full of anti-oxidents.  We’re majorly cleansing all the booze and refined sugars.  Add that to the horrible thoughts of knowing that we have to wait a whole year to have Christmas again and voila, we’re blue.  I’m glad I’m on the other end of it though, feels good to be happy again.

The flylady site really helped me to realize that I can do it (it meaning being an adult).  They talk about how we’re all perfectionists and that’s why our houses are messy and that totally hit home for me.  I would always envision my home being shiny and pristine, pressed and crisp.  The whole picture of that is massively overwealming and I couldn’t just focus on one small thing at a time.  So, through this program I’ve learned that I can focus on one job for 15 minutes, not obsess about it, not care if it’s not done at the end of 15 minutes and still bless my home by doing it.  That’s fantastic.

So yesterday I did time myself on a few jobs.  I was very focussed on getting my laundry done.  There were mountains of it!!  It’s almost done.  I get a daily email reminder asking me where my laundry is.


Is it hiding in the washer getting smelly?

Cold and wrinkled in the dryer?

Are you living out of a laundry basket?

Go Re-boot your laundry. It has 5 steps: Sort, wash, dry, fold and put away.

Don’t leave out a single babystep!

If you will stay on top of this, it will not take over your home. A load a day will keep Mount Washmore at bay! “

I always see that and I’m like “yessss” so then I go and “re-boot” the laundry.  I need to do it again now actually.
I’m sad Silas can’t help me this time (he’s napping).  His passion for laundry is almost frightening.   He likes watching the “water fan” cycle through because there’s water and it spins (front loaders are more than just water saving…they’re entertaining too!).  The other day I had to strip Ikey’s bed because there was poo leakage and Silas yelled “LAUNDRY” and grabbed the whole pile and brought it to the bathroom.  It was pretty cute.  Also, today I was handing him clothes to put in one by one, he loved doing it.  He finally just grabbed the whole load from my arms and stuffed it in as to say “Mom, it’s so much easier if you put it all in at once”.  So cute.  A man that can do laundry??  I’m hoping so.


  1. Yes, teach him to do laundry, and to do it well! Rob can’t do laundry and it drives me bonkers… mostly just because I want him to throw a load into the dryer or whatever, and he just doesn’t get it (plus there are things that would need to be separated out… and well, you know how that goes). So teach Silas the wonders and the joy of fresh, clean clothes!

    My flylady tasks are to wash the kitchen floor today, clean out my hot spots, and to finish the load of laundry that is in the washer right now (thanks for the reminder!).

    Way to stick with it – every day is one day closer to a clean home! 🙂

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