The Nursing Fairy Came!

I think the nursing fairy came and sprinkled nursing dust in Isaac’s eyes because it’s been going a lot better lately.  We’ve kind of found a groove.  I expect him to be upset with my let downs and I take a lot of time burping him.  In return he’s trying hard to make it a good experience.  I can already tell I’m making less milk by not letting him suck longer than 30 minutes.  I’m hardly having to take any off the first feed in the day.  He did fine with it this morning.  Good little booger head.

I’m very excited for something I get to do soon.  I got myself on a waiting list to do neurofeedback.  It’s a way to exercise your brain in the areas that don’t work properly.  You get hooked up to this computer and you play a video game with your mind.  It’s apparently really good for ADD, anxiety, headaches, depression, autism, brain injuries, etc.  I’m very excited about it.  Usually the effects are permanent so it wont have to be an ongoing thing.  They say that it helps you really become your true self because you’re using your brain to more of it’s potential.   I’ve always felt like the real me in is there somewhere.  The girl who’s determined and full of energy.  The girl who gets stuff done.  Anyway, once I’m doing it I’ll definitely keep you folks up to date about it.

Oh dear, Ikey woke up already.  The little punk is a cat napper.  Time for spankings.  Just kidding, I’ll rock him to sleep.

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