Thursday Thirteen #8

Thirteen Things about The Informal Matriarch
Thirteen most influential people in my life
  1. My Mom is an obvious influential person. She gave me music and encouraged me in it a lot. Because of music I have a husband and confidence and I’ve gotten to travel. I realize how much I’m like her sometimes and it’s scary and neat at the same time.
  2. My sister Juliet. She’s my closest sister in age even though we’re 8 years apart. Through her I gained all of my appreciation of 80’s and 90’s music. I think a lot of my opinionated side comes from her. Sometimes I say something and I wonder if I really just said that or if Juliet is somewhere in the room. Her analness about being clean inspires me. Living with her in our own place let me know that room mates aren’t for me.
  3. Andy is my big brother, he’s 4 years older than me. Anything sporty that I can do is because of Andy. I’d follow him everywhere and we’d play cars and dig in the dirt. Because of him I can throw baseballs, footballs and frisbys much better than most girls. Andy helped shape my appreciation for punk music and for thrift store clothes.
  4. Brent is another obvious choice because he’s my husband. Brent’s really influenced the way I feel about God and grace. My life has completely changed since I met Brent. I fell in love, we had children. It’s been amazing.
  5. Jill is another one of my sister’, she’s 10 years older than me. I didn’t get to live with her for very long because she’s so much older and I really have no recollection of her in my younger years but these past few years she has become my mommy mentor. I love the way she parents and she has so much good information because she’s involved with ECE. Her and I have found that we have A LOT in common and sometimes I see her as the older version of me. I really aspire to be like her in a lot of ways.
  6. Jennie is my eldest sister. I always knew I was going to go to Bible College in the same city as her, find a husband like she did and live happily ever after. And I did it. I don’t know why her scenario sounded so ideal. Jennie has helped nurture everything Martha Stewart in me from cooking to crochet.
  7. Courtenay is the writer of 8 Minutes on my blog roll. Her and I have been close friends for a very long time. We’ve known eachother since we were little and without knowing it moved to the same school in a different town in grade 7 and I eventually moved right across the street from her house. We spent pretty much our entire high school life together. Court was my friend to be completely silly with. We wrote songs together, dyed our hair the same color and had it cut the same. We dressed wacky and were just nuts together. From a Christian perspective she was always there to pray with me and grow with me. There will always be a bit of Courtenay in me and I think there’ll always be a little Leah in Courtenay.
  8. Nicole was my other best friend in highschool and with her I could do all things girly and boy crazy. She showed me that blue make-up is WAY more fun than brown. We’d cover ourselves in sparkles beyond an appropriate amount and then walk around searching for boys. If there was trouble I wanted to get in, it would be with her! Although,  I actually didn’t get into much trouble, I kinda just watched her get into trouble. I learned a lot from her. Sometimes it was what NOT to do but everything was a learning experience!
  9. My Dad has had a major influence on my life. He sparked my interests in fishing and hunting and all things outdoors. I think I love the outdoors because of him. He also tried his hardest to make me a polite little girl and it worked for a long time. I’m a lot like my dad (probably because we both have ADD) and I remember the good times with him and keep them very close to my heart. My dad would always go out of his way to see us have fun. He’d take us to the beach or the lake or river rafting. I hope I can be that for my children as well.
  10. Nathan is another best friend from high school. Although we aren’t close now, we were once VERY close. He stood up for me at my wedding even. I could always be goofy with Nathan and he really helped shape my sense of humour. My interests in photography most likely come from him as does my need for being different and a little wacky. We’ve made each other’s day and we’ve broken each other’s hearts. I have more history with Nathan than any other friend as I moves around a lot as a child.  He’s always felt like a brother to me (except for those 6 months we dated and thought we’d marry each other…ha ha)
  11. Silas has changed my life. He’s changed me into a patient person. He’s taken over my life like a wildfire. I’ve gone to Hell and back for that kid and I would do it again in a heart beat. Silas was the first person to show me what real, pure, true love really is. He’s broken me and has made my life more complete than I’ve ever imagined.
  12. Isaac is a continuation of what Silas has done for me. My heart is stretched beyond what I ever thought it would. After having Isaac I started to experience humility in a true form. Realizing that just because Silas was easy in one way does mean I had anything to do with it. Isaac will continue to ruin me and break my heart just as Silas has and I will put up with it all with stars in my eyes as I watch him grow and as I give him all of me.
  13. Mark is my step-dad. He married my mom when I was 12 but I’ve known him most of my life. I married a man that reminded me of Mark so of course you can see that he’s been a very positive influence on my life. He’s shown me generosity and patience. He nurtured my love for the outdoors and took me on some fun and wild adventures. He’s also taught me all things computer-related.  He’s been the perfect spouse for my mother.  I love how they’re still so madly in love with each other and how Mark has shown complete dedication to his marriage with my mother.  It’s inspiring.  He truly is the perfect husband (other then my own of course).  BTW happy birthday for tomorrow Marky poo!!

I really believe that people you spend a lot of time with when you’re young help shape who you are. We can’t help but be influenced by the people around us. I have no idea the complete way these people have touched my life but I sure know I’d be a way different person if it wasn’t for these people.


  1. What a great list! I’m sure your friends and family would be proud that they have had such an effect on you.

    My dad had the same effect on me. I love outdoorsy stuff because of him. He was about fun. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn any of the REAL stuff from him as he wasn’t around for that. But I’m glad I love the outdoors today because of him!

    Mine’s up, stop by for visit!

  2. Ditto to Jills comment – you are truly amazing Leah – as are all of my children – I am continually grateful for the way in which all of you have learned to express who you are and to describe your feelings. . .

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