They Have My Pee

After Silas’ therapist came to take him this morning Isaac and I ventured to the biomedical lab for our tests.  Ikey did a great job of peeing in a cup, making me extremely jealous of the male anatomy, and then offered to hold my cup for me while I peed.  I politely declined.  But I didn’t miss this time!!!  Those things can be tricky.

So my urine and blood are now sitting in a lab, waiting to be tested for sugar.  I have to wait 3 blooming weeks to find out the results.  Yay me.

Ikey’s test was just for a UTI because, since that horrible head bonk that made him have a seizure which put us in the ER all day, he’s not night trained anymore.  LOTS of pee.  Just making sure it’s not a UTI so then we know it was indeed a freaking concussion…oh Ikey.

Tomorrow we journey to downtown Vancouver to have our first visit at the Hyperbaric Oxygen place.  Silas will be set to undergo 60 hyparbaric treatments which will cost like 8 grand.  Anyone have 8 grand we can have?  Frick.

I want him to do this because I’ve read that it’s really helpful for kids with autism who had low oxygen at delivery.  They can get something called toxic brain and this is the treatment for it.  The fun part is that we both get to go in so I get the benefits of the treatment too…I have no idea if it’ll healthy me up but heck, it can’t do any harm.

Silas has always been hard to fool into taking supplements.  The liquid form of things just don’t work for him.  I was able to mix some fish oils into his apple sauce and stuff like that but now the kid will just swallow pills!  He’s getting massive amounts of fish oils, a liquid calcium magnesium supplement that also has zinc, high potency probiotics and his freaking expensive chewable vitamines.  K wait, they’re all freaking expensive….but who cares…this is my son we’re talking about.  They help too, a lot.  They’re all things I should be taking but can’t seem to swallow when I think of how much they cost.  Silas can have them for now.  He needs to build those brains of his.  I’m so happy he’s swallowing pills for me.  Makes life sooo much easier.  I know there’s a bunch more we need to be giving him but…little by little.

I work so much this week.  I’m happy for it because…well just read the last few paragraphs again.  I have to start impressing a new boss at work which, hopefully, shouldn’t be too hard.  I’m pretty good at laying on a sweetie pie grin so hopefully he likes those…oh and work ethic…I have that too.  Lets hope.  We’re really benefitting from this job and I don’t wanna lose it.  So much to pay for these days…ugh.

Anyway, my inlaws should be knocking on my door any moment so I should go start putting away groceries and whatnot.  Perhaps try to make my house stink less for when they arrive…

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