THAT Was Unexpected.

My doctors appointment today went in a totally different direction today…talk about a shocker.

I go in with this redness by my nose, I know what it is, I know what drugs I need, all is good.  I need antibiotics it runs in the family blah blah blah.

But then I asked if it was ok that I might have a mild bladder infection, then I told the doc I often think I have one…I exlained my symptoms and told him how my old doctor once had done a urine test on me and never told me it came back that I had an infection and weeks later I was sobbing in my shower with blood coming out of strange places…and i had been put on antibiotics for a different reason.

So he looks back and finds a urine test from my old doctor.  “Why Leah, you had sugar in your blood and urine”

“what does that mean?”



Ok so like 8 years ago this horrible doc I was seeing gave me some silly test to make me shut up about thinking I had arthritis and didn’t even check the results because in his mind I was “too young” to have arthritis even though early onset arthritis runs like a mofo in my family.  So he missed the infection ANNNNDDDD the SUGAR IN MY PEE!!!

Anyway, the doc wouldn’t let me bad mouth him…how professional…but he did say I need more tests and if it does turn out that I have diabetes then it would explain all the crazy symptoms I have all the time.

Like how my legs right now are aching…and why I often feel like I’m getting the flu but I never ever ever get it.  I feel feverish SO much it’s unreal.  Or how I feel like I need to eat a lot lately because if I skip breakfast now I start feeling weak and almost frantic and then I eat and eat and eat…even after I’ve eaten.  Not because my tummy is growly but because my whole body just feels like it needs to be fed something.

I felt that way today and so I just had a lolipop as a little test and I can’t tell whether or not it worked cuz now I could just have it all in my head…but I do feel better…but it could just be in my head.

This condition runs in my family.  Even childhood diabetes.  I expected to get it in my 70’s or 80’s but not in my 20’s.


I really dunno what this means…if it was just by chance.  I almost want it to be because it would answer ALL of my health problems in one foul swoop.  But…who knows…

whoooooo knoooowwwwssss.

For now I’m just gunna pay more attention to how I feel when I eat things.  I hardly ever eat sugar because too much makes me feel gross.  I always eat whole grains and blah blah blah so I’m already managing it in a way.  Prob should lose a good twenty pounds and make some other modifications…who knows.

I keep saying who knows.

I’m so not looking forward to something ELSE being added to my plate…but whatever…sometimes you get to the point where you’re like “just pile it on…I’m past the point of no return anyway…sanity is overrated”.


  1. A sentence stood out to me…” I hardly ever eat sugar because too much makes me feel gross”. That explains alot right there. This could be just a warning. Did you have any starbucks today? Skipping a meal is never good, you should avoid that completely. Your body is shaking and wanting food asap because your blood sugar is low, never ever a good sign. Not only do you need to take care of your boys and your hubby, you need to start taking better care of you. You’re the one who matters most because everything you do to yourself, reflects on your boys. Hopefully it’s just a warning sign and you have time to change before it’s too late.

  2. “Prob should lose a good twenty pounds and make some other modifications…who knows.”

    I’ll bet once you start working to manage diabetes (if that’s what it is) the weight may take care of itself.

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