I’ve been sitting here fiddling around with my blog.  Dusting off the old bloggy shelves so-to-speak.  I was giddy about the prospect of blogging later in the day when I realized I wont have time and I got to blog NOW!!  Woot.

Since it has been ages, I thought I should give you a point form update on what’s happening in my household.  It’s been almost exactly a year since I’ve blogged here.  That’s nuts.  So here we go.

  • Silas is now in kindergarten, half days (thank GOD) with two aids getting full time support.  We are SO blessed in this area, we didn’t have to fight for it at all.  The first lady is there for half the class then they have snack and the resource woman comes in then after snack he gets his next aid.
  • Isaac is in PRESCHOOL and loving it to bits.  I’m so happy he’s got his own thing to do now…away from his brother.
  • Both boys are in gymnastics at this really cool place.  They go at different times and I’ve seen crazy leaps forward in Silas’ strength and agility.
  • I’m working on my business plan right now to open my own store.  I can’t tell you my idea but I’m sticking within the bounds of special needs and I’m SOOOOOOOOOOO excited.  Now to get my laptop fixed that has my business plan on it…things will go faster then I think.  mmmmhmmmmm
  • I have a job.  I work at a pub that just got sold to some guy so I hope I still have my job…I’m a bit scared.  I serve tables a few times a week and it’s been nice to have the extra cashola.  It’s fun to get away from the kids too and not have to put them to bed…muuuuhahahahahaaaa
  • I had another job all summer working for a farmer every other saturday.  I’d sell her amazing organic produce at a farmers market and then spend all my pay buying local groceries for my family.  It ROCKED.  I hope to do it again next summer.  I’m on a total local, ethical, eco kick.
  • I watched Food Inc and I no longer purchase animal products that aren’t from happy animals.  I usually also know the farmers I’m buying from.  It’s super cool, WAY tastier and this way I’m not eating tortured animals that lived their lives covered in their own disease ridden feces.  Cool beans.
  • Silas has come leaps and bounds.  When telling people he has autism they typically say “oh I would have NEVER noticed”  Yup, that’s my boy.  His conversation skills still leave MUCH to be desired, so do some motor skills and he’s still often seen spinning an object and will still flap his hands wildly with excitement but he’s 100% in our world, he makes eye contact like a champ, plays amazing with other children, and ya….he’s got perfect pitch too….think I’m joking??

  • We have a doggy, her name is Cleo, she’s a basset hound and we love her to PIECES!  We adopted her after she was bred probably every 6 months until the age of three and then dumped like she was worthless.  She has come out of her shell so much and she’s so loving and wonderful.  She’s SUCH a blessing.  She’s staring at me with her droopy eyes right now.

she’s very tired from all the sleeping she does all day.

Anyway, I think you’re well up to date now.  All the major things anyway.  I’m going to get dressed cuz I have to take Silas to Kindergarten and take Ikey to gymnastics.


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