Oh my goodness, I rushed home as fast as I could so I could BLOG!  But then on my way home I got dizzy for some reason so then I had to make food when I got home.  I’m eating organic heirloom tomatoes with organic basil and organic blue capri goat cheese that I stuck uner the broiler for a few minutes.  NOM.  All produced by farmers I talk to and know.  Local food rocks my socks off…

Anyway, that’s not what this blog is about.

This morning I was laying in bed listening to the boys play.  Silas was bossing Isaac around and Isaac was doing everything he said.  I just let it go with a smile on my face.  Kinda like the first time he talked back to me, or when I ask him what he did at Kindergarten today and he says “I don’t know”.  It’s kind of neat when he lies to me or when he tells me a story that I know didn’t happen.

Now you might think I’m a crazy person, why the heck would a mom like this sort of thing??  I assure you, I’m not nuts.  I’m just celebrating the typical.

All of you with kids have been through all of that, you’ve hated it, been driven up the wall by it, punished your children for it but I simply cannot completely go there.  Because….he can!

Kids with autism aren’t expected to lie, boss their siblings around, talk back to you or tell outrageous stories.  Why?  Because most of them can’t talk!  4 months ago Silas had no idea how to tell me a story, 6 months ago he had no idea how or why he would boss Isaac around, a year ago there’s no way he’d tell a lie…lying doesn’t always make sense to kids with autism.

He’s expanding himself, he’s coming out of his realm of autism and joining us more and more and more in our world.  Which, in some ways makes me feel sorry for the poor guy but also wildly excited for his future!

I always said I didn’t want children who would follow the crowd, and there’s no way Silas will be one of those people.  With a typical child I’d gag at them copying their peers or trying to mold into the crowd but with Silas I sit back with a smile on my face and enjoy every stinking moment of it.

So next time your child talks back to you in the viciously horrible tone, have a little smile for me…because at least they can.


PS, I’m soooo happy to be back!



  1. I miss you! And I endeavor to smile the next time Emily gets all bossy with me. I promise I’ll try!
    Last week I started working with a little guy who reminds me of Silas soooo much, but he talks less. I totally wish I could work with Silas! Love Love!

  2. I know what you mean, I really do. I was told that Lucas is being a ‘class clown’ lately in school and I nod and agree that this is something we need to help direct, blah, blah, blah but inside I still just can’t believe that my little sick baby is… thriving.

    And you have no idea how much I’ve been brainstorming music lesson ideas for Silas.

    I’ve missed your space here. I’m glad you’re back.

  3. That’s such a great perspective I can adopt now that I’m going through this challenging stage of constant protest.

  4. I agree with you. The “norm” needs to be celebrated. I have asked Clarke for 3 years what he did at school today? Always the answer was the same “I can’t remember.” He only once recently said “We had Gym” and I was over the moon! He was able to process in his mind something he did without a few hours of trying to recover the information. Some would say I was nuts also.
    So from one Nut to the other Nut, let’s continue to celebrate because if we lose sight of the small steps then we fail as parents to to see our children progress. We as parents need to feel also the gains inorder to make it from day to day. It’s a long road so I suggest we take the time to sit back and look around and enjoy everything we can about the journey. The good and the bad. It is what it is so cherish it all.
    This nut has two boys of Autism. Clarke 8yrs old and Charlie 4yrs old. I am so lucky to be blessed with them.

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