Thursday Thirteen #11

Thirteen Cherished Memories


I’m going to try and do these in chronological order, we’ll see how I do

  1. Fishing with my dad.  He’d take me fishing all of the time because I didn’t need a license to fish.  I’d catch my limit all the time and that’s how we got food a lot (we weren’t the richest people).  I remember dad telling me that I was the best fisher girl in the world and he’d brag about it to other people.  I was about 4 years old.
  2.  Talking all night with my brother.  My brother lived with my Dad so when we’d get together at my grandparents house we’d sleep in the same room.  Usually the first night we’d stay up all night and talk and talk and talk.
  3. I don’t remember when this was but one New Years we all went out and built a whole cone-head snow man family.  Even a dog.  It was a blast, the best New Years ever.
  4. Making a movie with Courtenay.  We were soooo silly and the movie is hilarious, all my moments with her are cherished but this one sticks out.
  5. Singing in the Music Festival.  Finally I had found something that I was good at and I could actually win at.  I cherished the trophies that I got to keep for a year.
  6. Playing basketball in high-school.  My team never won but it was so much fun.  My (other best friend at the time) Nicole and I would have so much fun being silly and also trying to intimidate the other team.  Girls are vicious.  I remember how much fun it was more than not winning.  That never really mattered to me.
  7. Prom, the actual event really sucked.  It was tacky as heck but Nathan and I had planned on going together since grade 8 and we just happened to be dating when the time rolled around, we were SO excited.  Again, I have so many treasured moments with him but this day stuck out in my mind.  He was my friend a lot longer than my boyfriend and a cherished one at that.
  8. My first year of Bible College.  It was the most fun I’ve ever had in my life.  I did a program where I did normal first year studies but also went hiking, sailing, snow boarding etc.  It was SO much fun, unreal.  I miss it.
  9. Going to Europe with a choir, it was an amazing experience to sing in all those old churches.  We’d just ask someone if we could and then we’d just start singing and people would gather, I loved seeing tears on the faces of people who were so touched by the music.
  10. Mine and Brent’s first kiss.  I remember so much about it, it was the most perfect first kiss in all of history and I often think about it and still feel the butterflies.
  11. Marrying Brent.  What a wonderful day that was!
  12. Giving birth to Silas.
  13. Giving birth to Isaac, still so fresh in my mind, I can still feel the pain of it and how wonderful it felt to push.



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