Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Like About Not Being Pregnant

I’ve decided that every Thursday I’m going to join other bloggers in doing the Thursday Thirteen!

1. I have WAY more energy
2.I can drink a little alcohol now
3.Hugging my husband is a whole new sensory experience. I spent so long having him hug me while leaning over my tummy and now we can hug nice and tight again and it feels amazing
4. I don’t have toes in my ribs anymore
5. Food tastes better
6. Bending over isn’t something I dread
7. I can pee whenever I want, I can hold it in and I can sneeze, cough and laugh without peeing my pants
8. I can sleep in any position I want to and be really comfortable
9. I like my husband a lot more again
10. I can vacuum without taking breaks between each room
11. I can hold Silas close to me on my lap
12. I’m not getting any more freaking stretch marks
13. And finally, I get to kiss that cute little puddin that was in there for so long

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  1. HAHAHHA!! I really missed being pregnant aswell, and now I am 4 months into #2 and I remember very clearly all the not-so-lovely things about pregnancy! HAHA! Ahhhh, being a woman eh? lol Soooo many amazing things about pregnancy, and sooo many crappy, our bodies are not our own! haha!However the one thing I had with pregnancy #1 I for sure don’t have with #2 is that food tasted AMAZING! Remember our chicken, pickle and jalepeno salads Leah?? HAHA. And the Wendys trips! Ahhhh, what a lovely trip to 200lbs it was eh?? HAHA! MAybe its a good thing I am still nauseas! haha! Love ya! Great list baby!

  2. My favourite part about not being pregnant (besides the baby) was being able to take a deep breath, and lie on my back. That was heavenly for months after, I swear.

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