Angry Toddler For Sale: Cheap

I’m feeling defeated by this whole hitting thing,  I wish I could get through to that boy.  He makes me so stinking angry!  Isaac takes a super long time to feed…like an hour and that whole time is lengthened even more because Silas keeps hitting us so I need to put him in and out of time out constantly.  Good thing Isaac is easy going about the whole deal.  I’m stuck sitting with Isaac so much weather I’m feeding him or getting him to sleep for a nap.  I can’t wait until I can just put him down to sleep by himself.  I’ve read that you shouldn’t let them cry themselves to sleep until about three months.  That’s a controversial topic but infants seem too young to just let cry.

Isaac hasn’t been sleeping well anymore.  He’s up pretty much every 2.5 hours.  He slept almost the whole night and all of yesterday without a swaddle.  He just grunts and grunts when I stick him in it although there’s times when he seems to like it.  With Silas I knew he liked it a lot and I swaddled him for way too long.  I’m an expert at it now.  No one can escape my swaddle.

Anyway, Ike is needing me and Silas is needing me and I need a strong drink.  I really am loving having two kids.  I just wish #1 would behave.


  1. I agree that letting an infant cry it out is too young, however you can sleep train them young. I did it with Sophie when she was 8 weeks old and it worked wonderfully.

  2. Hang on this ride will smooth out and till it does use the soother or cookies or whatever it takes get thru the rapids. Ditto on what what momma says.

  3. I think cookies for you would help too 🙂 I wish I was there to take Silas to the park and swimming! It’s so hard to know what to do, but you are always trying to figure it out; you never do what you’re not supposed to do which is the most important thing. I love you!

  4. The first thing I did was get a book called “healthy sleep habits happy child.” I then implemented an early bed time ( we started with 9pm, then 8, and then she just kept going to bed earlier and earlier until she hit 6 pm) Basically the more sleep they get, they wake up less at night. Also if she woke up and I knew she wasn’t hungry I wouldn’t pick her up to soothe her, I would rock her in the bassinett. And the biggest thing we did was set up a bed time routine so she knew that she was going to sleep for the night, not just a nap. We did bath, calming music, feeding, and put down to sleep. It took a few weeks for her to understand what was going on, but once she got it I never had problems after that.
    And keeping the room dark during sleep times helped soo much. I did let her cry it out when she was about 11-12 weeks old, but that was for the soother at night. I guess it was consistency that helped and the book gave me a ton of good ideas. In there he says not to sleep train til 4 months, but I did it anyway and it was the best thing I did for our family at that time

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