Ikey Ohkey-Oh

Isaac has a new nickname. Last night Silas called him Ikey Ohkey-Oh. It’s perfect and it stuck. What a funny kid that Silas is. He’s given me lots of kisses today so far so I’m happy with him. He’s got a CD case open and he’s talking in gibberish like he’s reading a book. He was also spinning in circles with his drum on his head. The drum holds other drum toys so if you take the lid off it can fit right over the head and it’s see through. Silas enjoys that a lot and tries to kiss you through it. Oh now he’s hitting me, and now he’s in a time out. That was short lived.

I’m crazy tempted to supplement Isaac at night. Last night he slept SO well but I had to sit there for an hour and a half with him slurping away at my breast before it all happened. Silas literally took 10-20 minutes to feed. This is madness. Is giving him formula so bad to top him off for the night?

I’m falling madly in love with Isaac. It’s pretty easy when he’s so easy to take care of and my other son whom I adore is being a royal pain in the behind. Ike is getting rather chubby already. I can’t believe he’ll be a month old in 6 days. I love it when time flies sometimes. I love it that he’s getting chubby. I also love it that he looks everything like his dad. It’s like staring at my husband all day…only cuter. I also love it that he never cries for no reason. I always know why he’s crying…it’s great. He’s got so much gas but it never seems to bother him. I love getting it out of him too.

Right now I have a pile of pennies that Silas is putting one at a time into the “bank” (a VERY large glass jar once used by my step-father for making beer…or wine…or something). There’s a bunch of coins in there that I’ve been putting in since high-school. It’s a great repetitive toddler game for my angry toddler child. Soon that thing will be full of cheerios or something. Speaking of cheerios, he’s just realized that it’s fun to throw them off his highchair along with any other kind of food (I’m excited to move into a place with no carpets soon). It’s even more fun when I tell him no no…that way he’s getting the exciting reaction from mommy. This mommy thing is hard sometimes. Good thing Silas is cute. I really hope this is the beginning of the terrible two’s and that it’s not going to get worse when he’s two.

Anyway, I’m all done.


  1. A month already! Wow.

    I can’t help on the formula thing-I did what I had to for sleep for the sake oe my sanity. But if you’re milk is established, and you’re comfortable with it, I can’t see why not. You do have a toddler to care for as well, and that is TIRING for a mama!

  2. I just posted about this and I am supplementing at night and the baby sleeps so much better! Longer even. I wake up with very hard boobs so I feed her once I am up but at night I give her a bottle and she falls asleep with a very full stomach. The only thing with formula is I have to burp her a little bit longer but this is the best decision we’ve made.

  3. Wow, I think I may want to try it. I wish I could buy a tiny bit of formula to see if he’ll take it and a bottle. I don’t know if I’ll bottle feed him when he wakes up at night but I think I might just top him off before he goes to bed.

  4. I agree. Sophie took like an hour to eat at night and I supplemented. She then did great. My boobs killed, but that was only for a short time.

    If you want to give it a try, use the Similac lactose free, that way he won’t get a tummy ache.

  5. Well…I don’t know if I’m the best one to be saying this…but…do you have to? (Supplement, that is.) It will get better. It will, it will. And your milk supply may be affected. Perhaps his latch isn’t as good as Silas’ was. A meeting with a lactation consultant wouldn’t hurt…
    Of course, you have to do what’s best for everyone – including yourself. And I do know a lot of people that supplement at night…

  6. Emily definitely slept better on formula at night. I didn’t make it a routine tho. Sometimes I did and sometimes not. Depended on my milk supply and our schedule and all kinds of other variables.
    Your mom told me about Ikey ohkey oh. It made me laugh so hard. Too cute

  7. some nights i supplement (those rough nights when it drags on) and other nights i don’t. it depends. i use the infamil and baby likes it. during the day, i breastfeed.. but sometimes conor feeds her a bottle. i mean, it all depends.. but the doctor did say that it was fine to supplement with formula.. which made me feel more comfortable about it.

  8. Gah. I just read about this in my “mother of all baby books” that I had out from the library, and I can’t remember what their recommendation was. Nuts!

    You have to do what’s best for you and your family, whether that means supplementing or not. You know your body and your baby best, so don’t let anyone tell you differently! 🙂

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