I know now why women are better at multi-tasking.  You really need to be able to to have two children.  Having two children is a constant balancing game of trying to get everything done and keep everyone happy.  Trying to make both children feel special and giving each adequate amounts of your time.  Staying organized is key and I find myself stepping up to the task because there’s no other way to have a harmonious day.  My house is in a bit of a fright right now but I’ll have it clean in no time.  I really enjoying this new energy I’ve found since having Ike.

Speaking of my darling Ikey Okie Oh.  He SMILED today!  The past few days he’s been giving me that “I’m so pleased” face and some half smiles.  With some lip poking and some nonsense words (goocha goocha…I can’t believe I said goodcha goocha) I got a full faced, mouth open wide, this is the best moment in my life kind of smile.  I got teary and emotional, there’s nothing like the first smile.  It makes the last 4 weeks so worth while.  I’ve fallen deeply in love with my Isaac.  I have SUCH a soft spot for him, I just want to cuddle him all day long.  It’s weird loving two kids so much.  I wish there were two of me so I could just be entirely with both of them each day.  Silas and I had a good cuddle this morning as well.  It was so nice. Ike’s bum finally looks normal.  There’s just two little bitty spots where it was all open and bleeding that aren’t fully healed but it’s healed for the most part.  Three bum rashes in the first 4 weeks of his life.  Wowza.  I hope he doesn’t get anymore any time soon.  His poor bum bum.

This morning Silas FREAKED OUT.  Our ceiling fan in our bedroom pooped out this morning and he was saying “ont ont” which for some reason is the word for “on” and I couldn’t turn it on for him.  He was in despair and of course didn’t understand that it was broken.  I’ve made a lovely discovery with him though.  If I put a CD on in his room, he’ll play in there for hours.  It was nice that he was mainly happy this morning after the outburst.  I still got hit a few times but was able to bore him out of it.  There’s nothing exciting about hitting in this house anymore.

We move this weekend.  I really wish we were moving into our new house but alas we need to move into J’s apartment.  I’m so glad we’re able to have a place to ourselves and I am incredibly grateful to J.  I’m scared because it’s not a very safe area and J’s car has been getting vandalized a lot.  Perhaps you pray-ers could pray that our cars are safe.

Anyway, I’m going to enjoy some lunch of some variety and then start getting this house a bit more tidy.  I’m feeling like I’m on my way to being more of a clean freak.  I’m really trying.


  1. Things are falling into place for you and your home, orchestration. Glad its working. Isaac is smiling already!

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