4 weeks old!

I got mad this morning.  I was driving down one of our busiest streets and was going to make a left hand turn when the lady in the on comming traffic stopped traffic to let me in and another person out of the parking lot.  I wanted to kill her!!!  That’s how I got in my car accident, from someone doing that for someone else.  I was shaking my head at her and talking loudly.  Stupid people stopping traffic to try and somehow feel good about themselves.  STOP DOING THAT!  Grrrrrrr.  Other drivers bother me.

Ike only woke once last night.  Perhaps it was because he was wide eyed all day long.  I’m still super tired today for some reason.  I keep feeling like I’m getting a cold but it never comes.  Could that be allergies?  It’s all just in my sinuses.  No itchiness or runny nose.  Isaac pooped blood today…just some streaks of blood.  I called the nurses line and was greeted by my most favorite nurse Patty.  He’s got the most amazing voice, English accent…lovely.  I cried to him when I was pregnant with Silas and he was telling me I needed to go to the ER for my kidney stones.  He’s so nice and his voice makes me gooey.  I could listen to it all day long.  Anyway, there was nothing he could find on it.  Courtenay told me it was from my nipples but they aren’t bleeding.  Some nurse told her that because Emily had the same thing but her nips weren’t bleeding either.  My sister Jill told me her nips bled like crazy and her son never pooped blood.  I’m slightly nervous.  He said if it continues then I need to go to the doc.

Isaac seems to be speeding up the eating.  I’m trying to get his latch better but it still doesn’t seem like his mouth is open enough unless he’s really relaxed.  His bum rash came back yesterday evening.  I stopped using the medicated Penaten and just used the preventative stuff that my SIL and MIL told me to get, it was recommended to them by some nurses.  His rash came back right away.  I hate that dumb thing.   He still has a goopy eye as well.  Anyone have any special tricks to get rid of it?  I’ve been wiping and wiping and warming and squirting my breast milk into it but it isn’t working.  It’s fun to pick at the crusties though…I’m so bad with picking.

Isaac is 4 weeks old today, I can’t believe it.  Sometimes I really love it when time flies.


  1. My son has had lots of crusties in his left eye. The doc told me to rub in the corner by his nose gently (in a circular motion) with a warm washcloth once a day. It has helped dramatically!

  2. Oy, the crusty eyes. Arlo has them too. The massaging as Jenivere suggests seems to help a bit, but still they are kinda icky.

  3. Keep squirting the breastmilk, but they wont necessarily heal up completely for a while. If they’re not bothering him don’t worry about it. Good luck!

  4. We have an uncontrolled intersection where we exit our subdivision onto a pretty un-busy road. Right across from our exit, there is another subdivision exit, so between the two area’s there is a lot of turning. You know what drives me nuts? No one seems to remember the right of way order!!! People going straight go first, then those turning right, THEN the people turning left! Grrrr!!!! Driving makes me so crazy.

    Sorry to hear about Ike’s bum rash. Looks like it’s back to the medicated cream, eh? ::sigh::

    I’ve never heard of the breast milk in the eye before. For some reason, that totally cracks me up!!

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