A Whole Lot of Nothing

 I have a window to write right now because Ike fell asleep nursing again so I’m waiting for him to wake up. Silly kid. He’s speeding up the nursing thing so I never know when he’s had enough now unless he’s wide awake. I’m wondering if I should go see a lactation consultant, his latch feels funny sometimes. We walked for an hour and a half today, perhaps a little more. I have one silly errand to run and I make a big, long walk out of it. It’s funny because I set out to get oatmeal and I ended up bringing home other things and no oatmeal. Grrrr. I’m feeling more inspired to lose weight today, we’ll see how I do. I always examine myself after a long walk to see if I notice a change, I know full well nothing has changed, I wish it were that easy.

I was feeling lucky today so I bought a set for life ticket and WON!! I only won a free ticket but perhaps that ticket will be a winner? I can’t go again unless I’m feeling lucky.

I always come up with things to write here during my day and then I almost always forget. I really have nothing to say so here’s some photos for your visual stimulation.


Isaac sleeping in my bed this morning. I was too lazy to get up and nurse him. I like having a snooze with him in the morn.


An emotional moment after Isaac was born.


This is Isaac in his current milk coma.  I just took this photo and he hasn’t moved and inch since.  I guess he’s not going to nurse anymore!


  1. Isaac has grown since we left there and he’s so cute and I miss him and wish I was holding him right now. Also wish I was there to help with the move this wknd.

  2. We did that the other day, except that I can’t even remember what we forgot. ::sigh:: Frustrating!

    Isaac is very very adorable!

  3. Oh my gosh, your boys are so uncredibly cute! I can’t believe you have 2! Do I really have to push that out in 6 months? I’m not sure I’m up for that! okay, that’s it – I change my mind!

  4. Hey lovely lady!
    The picture of you and Brent made me teary aswell:)! Soooo sweet! One of the best moments in life eh? Meeting someone your already in love with for the first time!:) Amazing! Love the pic:)!
    Also, sorry your stressed about moving:(, I would help if I wasnt preggers!
    Also, SUCH cute pics of Isaac! Your boys are adorable:)! Miss ya!

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