Time Flies

Mmmmm, my body is full of that wonderful warm feeling that I get when I smooch my Silas all over.  I was just laying in his crib with him trying to get him calm enough to nap for a while.  I love cuddling up with him.  It doesn’t sound like he’s going to nap though, he hardly naps anymore :(.

I feel like I don’t know Silas very well right now.  He’s changed under my nose.  He’s no longer a baby…was he ever a baby?? I don’t remember.  He’s changing so quickly, transitioning from toddler to pre-schooler.  It’s so weird.  How come they grow up so fast?  He’s so much his own little person now.  He doesn’t need me for much.  Not as many cuddles or kisses or anything like that.  He’s tough now and when he falls he usually just grunts back the tears, he can’t waste time crying where there’s so much work to do.  Gotta line things up and read books and count things.  So much to do so little time.

Don’t even get me started on little Ikey.  Time is going by twice as fast with him.  He’s conquering new steps and stages each day.  I keep thinking he’s younger than he is.  He’s started copying Silas’ sounds and some of my faces.  He tries to clap and it’s the cutest thing ever.  He brings his hands together like he’s going to clap but then he flails them up and down opposite of each other so when they meet in the middle they whack.  He always scrunches up his face because he’s anticipating losing control of himself and getting a whack in the face.  It’s a hilarious sight.   He’s also doing the baby sign for fishy.  He doesn’t know what it’s for yet but he can open and close his mouth and it’s dreadfully cute.  That’s the first sign that Silas did too, an easy one to teach.  Ikey is laying on the floor, soaking wet from trying to use his cup.
I know I’m just going to blink and they’re both going to be smelly teenagers trying to steal each others girlfriends.  I think I’ll still crawl into bed with them and cuddle them and kiss them all over their faces.  Even if I have to wait until they’re asleep to do it.


Baby Silas.  Where has time gone??


  1. Even though b&w photo’s are pretty, sometimes, there’s just something in a colored photo that can’t be replaced with a black and white one. ya know?

    Have you thought of doing up family portraits? now while your babies, are still little guys? I don’t know why I just thought of asking you this just now, but it’d sure be a cute family photo 🙂

  2. Have you ever heard of the book by Robert Munsch called, “Love You Forever”? Your comment about climbing into your boys’ beds when they are teenagers reminded me of this book. I highly recommend reading it if you haven’t yet! (I am a friend of Leanne’s and found your blog through her!)

  3. AWWWE, tears! it is so true eh? The days and then months and now years are flying by me as well! And ya, LOVE the book “Love You Forever”, so true:)! Good post babycakes.:)

  4. My girls are 9 and 10. I don’t know where the time went, because it seems like they were just babies, and now they are preteens. Buckle up, it goes by fast.

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