Mission Statement

Recently I thought it would be a good idea to write down my mission statement as a mother.  Churches and companies do it so, seeing that I have the most important job in the world, I thought I’d write one of my own.  I encourage you to write your own, print it, and post it somewhere.  Please share your thoughts and your goals as a parent with me also :).

My goal as a mother is to raise self confident, capable adults. It is my mission to be a leader, not a dictator.  To show my children how to behave instead of trying to stop the misbehavior.  To nurture their gifts and talents.  To show them how much I love them on a daily basis.  To nourish them with proper food and teach them how to nourish themselves.  To show an example of a good marriage.  To not hide them from the world but teach them how to be a part of the world.  To do everything in my power to protect them without being over-protective.  To accept who they are and encourage them be who they want to be.  To constantly educate myself on my job as a parent.  To be their advocate.  To not push my own expectations upon them.  To admit I’m wrong.  To let them win some battles.  To teach them to be authentic. To say yes often.  To praise them more than I scold them.  To teach them about grace.  To promote honesty.  To never raise my hand at them.  To be respectable and respectful enough to be able to rightfully demand respect from them.  To never instill fear in them as amusement to myself.  To never let my own dislikes, fears and issues get in the way of their personality development.  To love their father the best I can.  To allow them to be silly even if I find it annoying.  To always keep their future wives in mind when I’m teaching them things.  To give them as many opportunities to learn, grow and have fun as I practically can.  To praise their insides more often than their outsides.  To applaud their efforts more than their achievements.  To keep their secrets.  To always keep their best interest in mind.  To teach them to love themselves.


  1. A good idea! I knew a family once who had a family mission statement. It was posted in their dining room. I thought it was such a great idea!

  2. Dude I hope I get an excellent blogger award someday! 😛

    Good list. How long did it take you to make? I randomly collect mission statement-ish expectations for myself here and there but haven’t written anything.

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