Top 10 Things I’ll Never Try Again!

  1. Being pregnant
  2. Jumping 50 feet off of a cliff into water…that hurt for WEEKS after.
  3. Swimming across a lake with my husband…he’s not very buoyant…danger danger!
  4. Feeding a pea sized lump of wasabi to my husband…you never fall for that one twice.
  5. Taking Silas to Canada Day festivities without proper preparation, and a helmet for myself.
  6. Let Silas play in the bathroom when my wax pot is out.  Holy disaster batman!
  7. Talk about finger condoms with my in-laws after I’ve been drinking.  Did I mention I have no filter?
  8. Owning two mice at the same time.  When one of your precious mice dies the other one will EAT IT’S BRAINS!!!  It’s terrifying and I’m still scarred by it.
  9. Making an upside down snow man.  It just can’t work, the snow is too dang heavy.  I dunno how Calvin and Hobbs did it but I sure cannot.
  10. Holding a baby Siberian Tiger.  I’m just too allergic, I’ll go in to anaphylaxis the next time I think.  It’s just not safe!

what about you?  Tell me your top 3!


  1. Buy anothe PC EVER again. I love my Mac waaay to much.

    Use disposable diapers.

    Thats all i can think of right now

  2. The key to the upside down snowman is to mist water on the head so it turns to ice…makes it much sturdier. Take this one off your list.

  3. Hi – don’t mention wasabi around me. Gramps and I were eating lunch in a Japanese restaurant in Okinawa, Japan. What I thought was a little dollop of guacamole was not! I can understand how Brent felt. Never again! The top of my head is still floating way up there as I am sure Brent’s head is also. Love, Gram

  4. Great list! Mine is not as exciting, but I’ll never try these again:

    1) giving birth vaginally (eye-popping experience)
    2) ironing a shirt while wearing it (dumb, I know)
    3) growing an orchid (green thumb I have not)

  5. 1. (ironing a shirt while its on, tee hee). mine is sewing a button on fairly tight jeans while they were on.

    2. flat iron wet bangs…

    3. dump cold tea on the dirty windshield whilst driving down the highway at 80k, yes, it all flies back into the vehicle and up your arm 🙂

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