Road Trip!!

Happy Monday everyone!!

I had a delicious weekend.  My sister Jill, who hasn’t lived in the same time zone as me for TWELVE YEARS, has finally come back to us and now only lives four hours away!!  This weekend was her house warming party so Jennie took one of her kids and Juliet, Isaac and I piled into her car as well and we set out on a road trip!!

It was so nice being able to drive to see Jill!!  AHHHHHH.  I’m so delighted.  It still doesn’t seem real!

It was super fun to just have Ikey with me.  For one, everyone wants to be near him so I hardly saw him all weekend.  He was always off playing with someone.  Two, it’s super duper nice to not have to think about peanuts and epi pens and blah blah blah.  Three, it’s just fun to be alone with one kid.  One kid is SO EASY!!

I didn’t take too many photos.  My hands were too full of drinks :).  Here’s a few, though.

Uncle Andy pulling him in the wagon
Uncle Andy pulling him in the wagon
Look who's the centre of attention!
Look who's the centre of attention! What a ham!
Reading with auntie Jill.  I think she kissed him 8000 times over the weekend!
Reading with auntie Jill. I think she kissed him 8000 times over the weekend!

Fun fun fun.

Jill’s house is really cute and it backs on to protected land with a creek about 10 meters away so there will always be forest behind them!  The creek made for a bit of a situation with the mosquitos though….ugh.

We went to the park before we left yesterday and there’s a bit of a swamp there.  First thing I do when I see swamp: find frogs to catch!!  I caught Ikey a really little one and he was completely delighted.  Then Cornelius and I waited and waited for this MASSIVE frog to get close enough to catch.  Sure enough it did and I caught it.

Ikey, weilding a stick, not knowing he can harm things, swung the stick while the large frog was mid-leap and wacked it out of the air.  Fortunately the frog did not sustain any injuries and the stick was removed from the small child.  Said child was then enrolled in major league baseball as the youngest heavy hitter alive.

I’m glad the froggy is ok.  Ikey held it a for a long time after…he also licked it.  Everyone but me was grossed out.  It’s just a frog people!!

Anyway….moving on.

Starting next Monday I am putting my computer down for a month.  That’s right, Leah is attempting to be computer free for an entire month.

Why?  You might ask.  Well, because it’s summer and there’s better things to do.  Because I get too distracted by it and my day ends up being wasted checking Facebook every two minutes.  Because I want to play with my kids more.  Because naturally, I’ll be bored and looking for things to do and I might end up doing something productive.  Because my body, mind and spirit aren’t in balance and I also cannot balance that while being distracted by Tweet Deck all day!!  Because I need some new habits in my life.

Why don’t I just limit myself?  Because I have a really frickin hard time finding balance, motivating myself, using willpower.  I need for it just to be gone for a while.

What’s gunna happen with the blog?  Well here’s the fun part…I’m having guest bloggers for all four weeks and I, too, will be blogging up a storm this week and setting the blogs to be posted at specific dates.  It’s still going to be an amazing four weeks here at Informal Matriarch, despite my absence.

With that in mind, if any of you would like to be a guest blogger please contact me.  It’s a great way to promote your own blog.

Anyway, have a great rest of your Monday!!


  1. i fully condone frog licking…not the frog wacking though 🙂 oh my gosh that was a good hit! i miss you everyone.

  2. I’d guest blog. I’ve never done it but I’d love to! Email me if you wanna talk about subjects 🙂
    mitnchris at aol dot com

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