Autism can be SO COOL!

I’m sure all of you know by now that Silas is obsessed with letters and numbers.  Last month I realized that he could actually sound words out that he didn’t know.  I couldn’t believe it when he read me his first book, just unreal.

It’s so nice because now I don’t have to spell EVERYTHING for him.  I was spelling all day long, ALL the time.  But now he can spell any word he knows.  He’s lucky I’m so good at spelling!!  Or maybe I’m lucky, no trips to the dictionary.

Anyway, we got a video of him reading last night but first I’ll show you the videos of him first understanding letters, now 9 months later he’s reading at about a grade 2 level…I’m not sure exactly where he is but that’s what Alesha said.

gosh I miss that really blonde hair!!

here’s him that same month and he now knows their sounds

Two months later he’s memorizing how to spell things.  Gosh he looks so little here.  They grow up so fast.

And then last night he read me one of my FAVORITE Dr Seuss books.  Dr Seuss was so freaking brilliant, seriously.

So that’s our journey thus far with reading.   That kid makes me look goooooooood.  But seriously, I don’t feel like I did much.  I just allowed the opportunity and he learned himself.  To teach him the sounds of the letters I took about 2 minutes spread out in about 4 sessions and he had got it.  Then I just spelled things for him when he asked.  That’s it.  Oh and I let him watch WAY too many ABC song videos on youtube, I dunno how much that actually helped the reading but I’m sure it did somewhat.

So really, I don’t take much credit for the reading at all.  He’s just that smart.

The one thing I’m needing to remember is even though he does all these brilliant things, he’s still a three year old.  I try and remember to put aside me wanting to hear him read and just allow him to be a kid.  So often we curl up to a book and I do the reading, because really…he’s only three.


  1. He’s amazing.

    I really enjoy his slurping. So cute. It’s fun to watch his little lips when he’s reading. His eyes are neat, too. So focused when he’s trying to figure it out.

    The end just cracked me up, “I’m not reading, I’m going to see the numbers.”

    The “It’s not Daddy” that followed his enthusiastic “HELLO” was so sad 🙁

  2. Your son is totally advanced. I was surprised when my daughter entered kindergarten and I found out they don’t formally start teaching them to read till grade 1. I totally took the initiative to teach her myself then and she learned to read half way through kindergarten. And when she went to grade 1, she was put in an Advanced Reading Group. If your son is srating to read at only 3-1/2, that is totally impressive! Good job Mom!

  3. We adopted three boys with various forms of autism and appreciate those who would blog on such an important subject. People more than ever need to be informed about autism and what life is like for those so affected since this debilitating condition seems to be on the rise.

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