Vlog # 3 – A rant on violence

gosh the face of me that it captured is AWESOME

One thing I didn’t mention is that I really think kids aren’t able to properly process things like violence.  I just dunno if their little minds are able to properly grasp it and cope with it.

Anyway, happy Thursday.  Discuss this in the comments plz 🙂


  1. I completely agree. I think there are too many kids who see TV, movies and/or videos that obviously haven’t been previewed by the parent(s) beforehand.

    The more they see it, the more de-sensitized they become to violence and that IS scary.

  2. Oh yeah. I agree.

    No child should experience or even try to understand violence. They should not be subjected to it in any way, shape or form.

    And we shouldn’t be teaching our kids violent speak because we think it’s cute and funny.

    I say ‘we’ just to address those in society who do this. We are all guilty for it in some way, though. There is so much on TV that is of a violent and traumatic nature, I don’t even let Aidan watch ANY of it. When we had cable, it was Noggin and that was it.

    Now, he enjoys movies like Fraggle Rock and Ice Age. Mickey Mouse and Little Rascals. If there is anything physical in them, it’s probably not very noticeable…which is my allowance of exposure just so he knows it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

    But, I will not let him watch anything of a “graphic nature.”

  3. it is not just the violence we see on TV, but the psychological, emotional, sexual, etc etc, violence we are subjected to everyday in advertising, music, politics, pharmaceuticals, violence against gender, race, sexual orientation, etc etc. having said that, it is never going to go away and it has ALWAYS been here. from experience i have learned that most children respond well to an adult saying “that is not okay, you can stop or you can go home,” even my own.

    people say, “if you don’t want to see/hear it, turn it off.” no can do baby, it’s hiding everywhere, from the packaging on the food we eat to to the ginormous bill-boards on the side of the road, and why should I leave the playground or american apparel because their is inappropriate behavior or music going on; and that’s not my interpretation, listening to eminem sing
    “D”uck it I just did two lines, a chrome tech nine, it’ll tear out niggaz spines
    It’s a party, go on in and have fun, ’cause after it’s over
    all you gon’ hear is *gunshot* run nigga run nigga
    Shootin, blastin, hittin the floor” is not okay!

    we are assaulted at every turn by gross-ness. i believe many parents truly don’t know it’s not okay to take their 5 year old to “lord of the rings” or that “teen magazine” promotes stereotypes and over-sexualizes young girls. ugh! just talk to your kids and be a good example. don’t even get me started on toys!

    soon, i hope, soon, people will realize that what is happening does matter and that we are harming ourselves, we are changing our make-up, the way we process and our ability to think deeply, we are taking away the ability for children to even begin having a moral compass. good grief!

  4. I cpl agree with Jilly. There is violence around us that is carried by us, by the media, by the products, and yes by the toys…. why do boys need to have “killer-GI-joes”, and be so action (violently) oriented. and guess what ? girls toys are care and image oriented (and very pink) – taking care of themselves for their prince charming, and serving tea, cooking, vacuuming. argh! what? are we still in the 50′ (Stepford wives anyone?) ? So the violence here is not only in terms of disrespecting others by physically destroy them, but also by stigmatizing into limited roles. And I’m not talking about magazines, or ads… (no I won’t).

    as for tv, we don’t have one and we choose what our kids watch. We have total control over it. I heard that here, in USA, it’s recommended not more than 2h of tv (in Europe 30 min) for toddlers, because in most us household, tv is on all the time. It’s like a background noise. It’s there, you don’t even pay attention to it – we think. But our kids, they love it, and they will watch whatever at anytime. So rerun of any cop shows, or soap opera are available all the fricking time. How do you know you are really controlling what they watch. is CNN on ? then, they are exposed to violence. is football on ? then they are exposed to violence. So TV = regular violence. But worse, it becomes normal. As adults, we don’t even care anymore. but the different, our innocence is long gone.

    So you think cartoons might be suitable. But then even in this category, you would be surprised by the level of violence. I’m not talking about manga, but little kids stuff, like ninja turtles, Bugs Bunny. Well, my son is having aggressive impulses to deal with. So I’m not even sure if Bugs Bunny would be appropriate. Because he might take things literally. So smashing a baseball bat on a head, would be far from funny. So we show Winnie the pooh, Franklin, and those kind of inoffensive stuff.

    Should I talk about bringing well under age kids watching Transformers at the movie theater?? nah, you got my point.

  5. I actually had to turn off your VLog. Don’t worry, I’ll watch it later. Its just that Emily is in the room and I don’t want her yelling punch the baby dead either. Sometimes I hate myself for letting Emily watch T.V. at all. She has definitely been watching more T.V. than normal because she gets up sooo stinking early. Either way we are really careful about what she watches. Even shows like Diego have weird stuff in them sometimes. What I dislike is that lots of people let their kids watch any Disney show because it’s Disney. I’ll admit Nemo and Cars are our Truck DVD shows of choice, but other than that most Disney movies are too scary and violent. I do like the Canadian T.V. rating system that differentiates between rated G which can include violence and even sexual inuendos! And rated C for children which is supposed to have no violence or anything.
    I think more information should be out there about the content on T.V. and it’s effect on Children. At school we studied the effects of T.V. on children, and they can’t correlate watching violence to making violent children, but they do say there is some effects and that violence effects children who are more likely to be violent. Circular logic? Yeah.
    Jilly: Go ahead and get started on toys. We might as well get it all out there!
    LeLu: you should Vlog on that next. Or just more stories about the crazy neighbor lady!

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