We’re in the Money!!

Okay so we were just approved by the CRA for tax credits retroactive to 2005 :).  When you have a special needs child here you get a $1500 tax credit each year plus your child tax benefits that you recieve every month go up a bit as well.  Because that’s retroactive, we’re about to get a nice chunk of change.

Goodbye Visa debt, goodbye car loan, hellloooooo a few treats for us like perhaps a little trip and a freezer full of meat (organic?) and a pantry full of food for when we’re desperate again.





Luckily this autism thing does come with a few little bonuses.  Like a 3.5 year old who can read AND some tax benefits.  Gosh I love living in Canada.  Everyone with a kid with autism…move here!!!

My little rading 3.5 year old gave Alesha a black eye today.  Oops.  I kinda forgot to mention to her that he kind of smashes his face in to yours when he’s upset.  Sorry Alesha!!!!  She’s only getting married in two weeks…luckily the black eye will be healed.

When Silas gets mad I automatically get myself into a position where I can stop him from hurting me.  I’ve acquired lightening fast reflexes when it comes to him.  A few cracked noses made me learn real frickin quick!  Poor girl, he gave get quite the beating, 3 headbutts today I believe.  Thankfully she’s a no nonsense kinda person and took him out of the pool and brought him home.

She really is a total sweetheart though and Silas loves her to bits.  They have the same kind of connection that him and his aunty Juliet have.  Juliet and him are kindred spirits and I see that with Alesha too.  Her eyes light up when she talks about him.  We’re are




SERIOUSLY!  I was telling Jill today that even though I think God has already set things in place and I don’t really believe he’s constantly intevening in our lives (like changing it outcome of things and whatnot…not being with us or in communion with us) but I do think finding this Autism Centre was a divine thing.  Seriously.  I can’t gloat about them more, I really can’t.  How many kids with autism get to go swimming for ABA?  Or nature walks or to the zoo?  And Silas has already learned new things.  Alesha is magic at getting him to dress himself…it’s unreal.

So today, unlike Monday, I’m feeling blessed.  I’m thankful to live in Canada where the government takes much better care of their citizens and I’m thankful that I found this ABA centre for my precious Silas.  So so so blessed.

Oh…and this might be why I’m so frickin tired all the time.


  1. That’s wonderful that you were able to get those tax credits. Every bit helps. I agree that living in Canada is a blessing.

    Take care!

  2. Congrats on the refund- it is tempting to become your neighbor…………… the gov. here SUCKS! All I can say about the study results is……..well……… duh- no sh$# Shirlock! And the parents who DID participate in this study are probably pretty together and organized- most of us are not 🙂

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