Morning snuggles

One of my very favorite times of the day is when I call Silas into my room to have morning snuggles with me.  He’s so bright and cheery in the morning.

I love calling his name and hearing his little feet run to his door and open it and he’ll say “cuddle mommy?” and I say “yes Silas come cuddle!”.  Then there’s more feet noises, rushing around his room gathering his snuggle paraphernalia and running to my room.

He slides into my bed next to me.  I swear his little body is made of butter because it just molds perfectly with mine.  He smells so good and his skin is so soft.  I love that moment right there.  MMMMMM yummy.  I usually then kiss him like 800 times…900 if I really can’t stop myself that day.

Sometimes he’s really quiet and just snuggles in while he’s off in his own world and other times he’s incredibly chatty and playful.  Both are good with me.  I just love having that alone time to connect with him so closely.  He says such great things when he’s in a chatty mood.  His mind is a lot more clear in the morning and he’ll say things that I never thought he could say.  This morning I said something near his ear and he said “mommy, that’s too loud!”.  I felt bad but also proud he could tell me.

We have a lot of little games a traditions in our morning snuggles.  You know how you do one funny thing to a kid and then it turns in to a game and they wanna play it for like….the rest of your life?  Yaaa sooo.  I don’t let Silas eat his boogers, I’ve trained him to give them to me once he’s picked them.  Once he picked his nose in bed and didn’t wanna give me his booger so I had to chase his little boogery finger down until I got it.  Aparently that was hilarious and must be done every morning now…500 times.  Moving on..

This morning was nice, I could tell he was still in bed when I called him cuz his little body was so warm.  I didn’t have ice cold toes on me which was lovely.  He snuggled very quietly for a long time but we also played some games…of course the “catch the booger game” was at the top of the list.  I also played a fun game of “can I eat…?” in which I say “can I eat your cheeks?” and he says yes and then I proceed to chew on his cheeks and pretend to eat them and that they’re very delicious and then we move on to other body parts.  He giggles so sweetly.

Yesterday I really got him.  I did the “got your nose” thing and he was so confused.  He tried prying my fingers apart to retrieve his nose back.  He looked slightly concerned that I had stolen his nose so I showed him it was still there and that it was just my thumb.  He definitely looked relieved.  Funny kid.

I hope our morning snuggles happen for years and years to come.  Ikey doesn’t last more than a minute in bed with me but Silas has always loved snuggles in the morning.  When he was younger he’d sometimes fall back asleep with me.  I love it so much.  It’s our special little thing that no one else gets to do (except daddy on the weekends) and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

I’m so lucky he snuggles me.


  1. You are a very lucky Mommy!!! For 3 nights now…. yes count them…. 3 nights little man has cuddled me. Grabbed his blanketS(!), baby and puppy or whatever else he decides he needs and crawls into my lap and cuddles. BIG cuddles. Curl up into a ball and cuddles in real close. OMG. I can’t even explain how lovely it is. After 2 years of having a little man who will not cuddle when going to sleep this is a HUGE treat!! Treasure those times – they are the greatest. (I know you are) 🙂

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