K I’m 26 now.  Do I feel any different?  Noooope.  Just weak from being sick so much.  That kinda….didn’t work.  I did lose like…5 pounds…maybe.

I’m feeling kinda beat up by the last 6 weeks.  Nothing good really came of them.  Just a lot of snot and medicine and lung butter.  MMMMM Lung butter.

ANNNYWAY.  I had a great day on Saturday.  I took the Ferry to Vancouver island all by myself.  I was soooo giddy about it that I just wandered the Ferry the entire time.  When I got to the island my sister and I went for a walk at this lagoon thingy.  We played on the rocks and poked at the star fishies.  They’re so cute.  Then we went to her house and had lunch and off we went to Victoria to see a favorite band of mine…Metric.  It was just an acoustic show and everyone who went had won tickets.  Not many were given away.  It was so cool to be there, a very once in a lifetime kinda thing.  It was just these two…and they did this song.

They sound a lot different than this because they usually have a full band.  But isn’t her voice just great?  Silas loves them soooo much too.

Anyway, that was fantastic.  Short but very sweet.

Thennnnn we went to this fabulous bar and grill and ate muscles and short ribs that were AMAZING and we drank delicious beer.  Then we drove back and I took the ferry home!!

On the ride home there was this man who was playing the guitar and it sounded sooooooo beautiful so I sat behind him and pretended to read my magazine while listening to him.  Once he stopped I asked him if I had to throw money at him for him to play more and some other person piped up that they were thinking the same thing so then we sat and chatted about music which was delightful.

Anyway, I came home and all was wonderful.

For my birthday Jennie threw me a little party in the park with cake and chips and juice and it was very nice and warm and loverly.

That’s all.

I’m sad my 6 weeks thing didn’t turn out.  BUT, here’s to happiness anyway…whichever way I find it.


  1. Mussles & short ribs – add oysters to that. Yummy!
    Beer! Yech! Glad you had a wonderful time. BD money will soon be on its way.

    We are fine except that we are feeling so sorry about Ginny losing her daughter. I don’t know how Sage was able to stand in front of everyone & read the beautiful poem he had writen to honor his Mother. He had several poems posted that we have printed off. I don’t know if his latest is on line yet. We didn’t know until recently that he could write poems that are really beautiful.

    We got some garden planted today and there is more work to do. That is enjoyable. Are you going to plant a garden this year?

    Love, Gram

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