Where’d it go?

K, the cutest thing in the world happened today.  Silas threw a ball over the balcony and a while later Ikey and I were there rolling another ball back and forth when Ikey looked over and put his arms up in wonder while saying “where did it go?”.  I melted.  Soooooo cute…soooooooooooooo cute.  You’d have to see it.  One of those things.

I tried to clean today, and by “try” I mean like, I actually cleaned.  Which, we all know, is odd.  But things are smelling better here now.  Which I like, obviously.  My husband was so great at cleaning up when I was so sick so I thought I’d start giving a bit of a damn.  Grrr.

Anyway, tomorrow I get to do the funnest most bestest thing.  I get to see one of my favorite bands right now and I get to take the ferry to Vancouver Island to see them.  Such a beautiful trip.  I cannot wait.

I’ll meet my sister who lives there and we’ll hang out until the show and then after the show, see the sights, have some fun…I can’t wait.  I’m very excited to take the ferry all myself and just enjoy the ocean and the outside and not being with demanding people who need snuggles and lunch and bum changes.  Will be exciting.

ANNNNND Sunday is my birthday so send cards, checks and presents to PO Box…kidding.  But I do take paypal ha ha.  It’s a special birthday because I’m turning 26 on the 26th and it’ll never happen again but I’m not doing anything special other than the funness on the day before.  That’s not technically bday fun but I’m going to treat it like it is.

ANNNNYWAY.  That’s it.  Enjoy your weekend 🙂


  1. Did you check your mailbox for birthday presents of any kind…we sent the regular the day after we got home from your fair city.

  2. Hey Leah,

    It was really nice to meet you to! Thanks for leaving the comment, don’t know why the second page didn’t load… try, try, try to figure out computers! (I hate them) Hope to talk to you soon!


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