Tweet Your 16 Year Old Self

Today in Twitter there’s a trend going on, #tweetyoursixteenyearoldself which means everyone is tweeting things to themselves at the age of 16.

Many things are being said, many funny, many very serious.  Sixteen seems like a pinnicle age for a lot of us.  We can go one way or the other.

There was more I had to say to my sixteen year old self than I could ever say in one tweet so I’ll say it here.


Dear 16 year old self,

You take life too seriously.  Stop beating yourself up for the judgments other people are placing upon you.  That’s not you but if you keep believing you’re not good enough, then you’ll soon make that who you are.

Try to learn some self control now, I know it’s hard but my future self will thank you because I’m pretty sure you’d not like to see how much weight you’ve gained…or how messy your house is.

Hang out with the kids at school with autism or other special needs, you know who they are and you avoid them because you don’t understand them.  That loving caring boy at youth group who always gives you a hug is a vision into your future.  Get to know him.

Orange is NOT blonde and Blondissima is NOT an apropriate tool for colouring yours OR Courtenays hair.  Go see Marg!

Don’t let the people at church make you feel so guilty.  You wont believe in 75% of what they’re telling you in a few years anyway.  Just feel the acceptance God has to offer instead of the guilt everyone is putting on you.

Enjoy being this skinny and stop thinking you’re fat…holy crap girl…just shut it…and stop thinking you can eat poutine every day for the rest of your life.

Focus on your value rather than your deficites.  You’re creating a long term thinking habit that will slowly wear you down and down and down.  You’re able right now to create a new way of thinking of yourself, it gets so much harder and so much worse as you get older.

You’re so bright, bubbly, funny, attractive, smart and loving.  Remember that.

And again, enjoy life now.  It’ll soon get soooo much harder and so much more painful.  You’re strong enough to handle it, and you will handle it, but just make the most of the weightless feeling you have where all you have to worry about is homework and who your boyfriend is going to be next week.  Enjoy that.

Love always,

Your future self.

PS also don’t worry so much about who’s gunna be your boyfriend next week…chill…you’re not going to marry any of them anyway…like you always think you will.  Just enjoy em 🙂

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  1. Very similar to mine.
    Jill, don’t do that…doh! Too late. Okay, don’t do it again…doh! Too late 🙂 If only we knew then what we know now. And, if only we knew now what we’ll know in another 20 years! Maybe we should right that letter to ourselves now for then!?

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