Vancouver Autism Biennial Congress!

I get to go to this tomorrow!!!  I’m BEYOND stoked about it.

This is a big conference for anyone who’s lives have been effected by autism.  Luckily mine has!  Plus I get to go with my dear dear dear dear dear friend Courtenay.  She’s taken on a job as a behavior interventionist.  The kids who have her are SO SO lucky.  She’s going to be an amazing BI.

What I am looking forward to the most is when Temple Grandin’s momma, Eustacia Cutler, speaks.  I read her book a long time ago and cried through most of it.  She’s a hero of mine because she was SO forward thinking for her time.  When everyone was telling her to put Temple in an institution, she knew better.  She got Temple all the right kind of help out of her own instinct and look where Temple is now!!!  We also get to party with her on Friday night during the Paint the Town Red Gala.  Way too exciting!

I’m going to be attending all of the behavior talks.  There’s also biomedical stuff but a lot of it just doesn’t apply to us.  Silas isn’t sick, no leaky gut, no eczema, nothing sickly about him that could cause autism.  Yes we do some biomedical but there’s nothing they’re talking about that I can’t google.  I want behavior stuff.

So, over the next three days, I am going to blog at the end of each day.  I’ll let you know the highlights and what cool new things I have learned.

******** Be right back….I can’t handle not having a coffee to sip while I blog and when I dropped Silas off at school Cleo attempted to EAT my coffee.  She looks very guilty right now.  Off to Starbucks**********

Ok, hot, creamy dark roast is in hand…I can focus again.

The other day I was driving and thinking about what it’s going to be like at the Conference.  Surrounded by other parents going through the same thing as me.  A whole BUILDING full of people who are on the same page…autism.  I got teary.

So, check back every night to see full updates of what I’ve learned and what has happened.



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