Water Boys

We got to go swimming today!  The in laws are out for a quick visit so we all went to the pool at their hotel and it was so much fun, I didn’t want to leave!  Silas, Isaac and Lucas all loved the water.  I’m so pleased to see how happy my boys are in water.  They definitely inherited the water-loving genes that the rest of my family has.  Now lets just hope they can swim well like Mommy…not sink like Daddy!  The one sport I can beat my husband at…it’s great.

I really enjoyed playing with Lucas in the pool as well.  Because he’s a preme he has some issues with things like that.  Not being able to feel anything under his feet and the water touching his face.  It was fun to gently push his boundaries just a bit while distracting him with fun songs.  Soon his neck was in water (which bugs him) and he didn’t notice for a while.  I wonder if some sort of thing like that would be a good profession for me?  I don’t know if I’d like it so much if I wasn’t holding a kid I actually loved.  Funny thing-I’m not really a kid person…at all.

Anyway, I’m tooooo tired from swimming to write anything more.


  1. hey i hope you don’t think this is weird that I am writing you. i don’t know if you know me but i am Brad Richerts sister (i think we met). I came onto your blog from glancing at my bros site. How far apart are your boys? I have two now. Rylee will be 2 in march and ethan is 6 months. they are 16 months apart. It has been a challenge like none other and I am learning so much about myself. I just wanted to tell you that your boys look so precious and happy.

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