World Pond Hockey Championships.

I’ve decided to write my blogs at an earlier time.  I always have 30 mins at the computer in the morning in front of my light therapy thingie.  I’m finding when I write when both of the boys are asleep I’m losing some good “me” time that I need.

SO!!  I have the COOLEST step-dad and brother in law!  Both of them are in New Brunswick at the World Pond Hockn803995477_2236381_2482.jpgey Championships!  The husband of the blogger My Sister’s Jar (good blog go read!) is also there (BIL’s brother).  And then some other dude.  I’m so excited for them!  They already won their first game.  You can get updates on progress on My Sister’s Jar that my silly sister Jennie has written.

Look at how cool they are!!  From Left to right it’s Les (random guy I don’t know), Terry (BIL), Rick (BIL’S Bro) and Mark (step-dad).  I really hope my husband can join them one day there.  He’s a good hockey player too!  I’m so proud of them.  Their team (not all of the same players) already won the Western Pond Hockey champs out in Logan Lake.  I hope they get far in this!

In other news, Isaac is feverish and grumpy.   Possibly teeth I’m assuming :(.  Poor poodle.  He got the fever right after we were done in the pool.  He didn’t have the best sleep last night and woke up a few times this morning very upset.  He’s mainly just nursing so I hope my body can keep up.  Fluids are always best at these times anyway.  I hope it’s teeth and not something else.  The symptoms are pointing that way.  I don’t see any teeth coming in the next spot that they’re supposed to come into but it’s not like that was all in order with Silas or his cousin Lucas.

Anyway, wow, an early blog!  I have nothing to look forward to this afternoon now.  Ha ha.


The Arizona Anti-Freeze


  1. I almost didn’t recognize Mark with all that gear.

    Poor Isaac, his teeth give him such trouble. Or perhaps his immune system was weakened a bit from being shivery at the pool?

  2. Hey, you got a cool picture of the ice sculpture!
    I posted the bloody picture (not used as an English profanity in this case) just now.

    I hope your little darlin’ is better in the morning.

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