Still Sick

Ikey is still under the weather today.  I don’t know what the issue is.  If he’s still got a fever tomorrow then I’ll go make sure he doesn’t have an ear infection.  I hope this boy doesn’t get them!  He’s still sleeping often and not wanting to eat much.  He just wants to nurse.  I’m drinking loads of water to try and help me make more milk for him.  I don’t see any new teeth trying to poke through anywhere….I hope he’s OK 🙁

He’s happy right now though, he just climbed the entire set of stairs and he’s very proud of himself.  My little climber.  That’s his new favorite thing to do.  He’s also gotten pretty good at clapping.  After trying it our for so long, he’s got it and he claps along to music quite often.  It’s nice to see him starting to show some enjoyment from music.

I’m soooooo tired, Ikey had me up a lot in the night.  I’m going to go enjoy my last day of full free cable before they take it away from me.  I’ll miss you Movie Central!!

The guys are done playing pond hockey.  They won 3 games out of 5.  Pretty good I’d reckon!


  1. We have a sickie here too. It’s no fun when the little ones aren’t feeling well.

    I hope that it’s not an ear infection, and that he perks up soon!

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