Naked Mommy

(That title is going to give me some uncomfortable search engine hits I just know it)

A few months back Leanne and I were chatting and somehow the topic of me showering with my kids was brought up. She brought up that Silas is going to start remembering things soon so I should probably stop getting nude around him. I haven’t even thought of that.

I know I remember seeing my mom nude and Brent remembers his mom. Leanne said she doesn’t remember seeing her parents that way so obviously she thinks it’s weirder than I would. But this got me wondering when the time is that I should stop letting them see me nude. Will I just know it’s time or is there a recommended time seeing that we’ve got all these weird abuse issues these days?

I LOVE showering with my kids. It’s just a nice time for them when they’re babies to get some skin to skin time plus they love playing in there. Silas used to just lay on me and listen to me sing. When we lived in the apartment we’d never run out of hot water so we’d be in there for hours. Silas doesn’t cuddle anymore but he still enjoys the shower a lot. Ikey never has cuddled anyone ever so he just sits on the bottom and plays. I used to just stick a towel down and he’d lay there and kick while I showered. It really helps them to not mind getting water in their faces, I highly recommend it.

I don’t really mind if the boys remember seeing me nude. I just don’t know when the right time to stop is. Not even just showering but changing and what not. Any tips?

In other news, Ikey is still not feeling too hot. I was a bit harder on him in the night last night because I can tell he’s getting used to waking in the night again I didn’t nurse him in the night at all and now I’m full of milk! Crazy how your milk comes back fast when you need it to!! He’s hardly had any solids, just nursing. His appetite is still low but the fever is slowly getting lower.

We saw a doctor at the walk in yesterday who was really nice. He had an English accent so that always makes me like someone more (dumb huh?). He complimented Isaac on his nature saying that he likes that he’s calm but still looking around at everything and wanting to touch everything. He just stood there and watched him for quite some time. I could tell he was used to babies. Most docs just look in their ears and send me away. He pushed on his tummy and looked in his mouth and everything which I appreciate. I was then understanding of why the heck it took so long for him to get to me. He said he was fine though, most likely just a virus of sorts. I know someone who’s baby is going through the exact same thing so there must be a bug going around. Poor baby though, I just want him to get better :(.


  1. Well, I wouldn’t say I think that it’s “wierder,” I was just wondering what you thought about it. I’ve read a few things on that topic in parenting books and was curious of your opinion, that’s all. Some families are more conservative than others – and that’s perfectly okay. We should definitely finish that conversation…

  2. I used to bath my daughter while she was a baby but as soon as she started pointing at my collection of dangley bits and laughing I stopped.

    The trouble with our overcautious society is that one becomes paranoid that accusations will be made should a child ever innocently mention that he or she saw daddy’s pee pee trunk in the shower.

  3. freddy – ya I hear ya. I’m concerned about that. These days they take all of that very seriously.

    jwsplace – I think you didn’t grasp the whole of that post. And yes, I am rather odd.

  4. A good friend of mine grew up in a Finnish family (but she grew up here) and she remembers taking nude saunas with both her parents until she was 8. She’s not scarred from the experience at all. Its seems kids who nursed until they were 5 (though I myself couldn’t do that) aren’t scarred by that either.

    It really sucks that our society could take something so innocent and make it dirty. Little do they know that people do this EVERYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD…well…almost.

  5. I wouldn’t say that there is anything wrong with it either. I do the same with my girls and I love it! They love it too, especially Anika, she LOVES showers…Hadyn not so much.

    I think you’ll know when the time is right. I have a friend and her son who is 3 is constantly grabbing at her boobs and poking her bum, making weird comments to her and maybe you should stop before that 🙂

  6. Yes, I bathed with Con until he was…Niall says 8, I say 5. We can’t remember (it wasn’t 8!) but I just knew one day that he didn’t want to anymore but he didn’t know why; we transitoned in a fun ways to him bathing and showering on his own. I don’t want to run around naked with my 10 year old, but I do believe that children can learn to have a healthy image of what bodies are about by actually seeing us be comfortable with ours. Cornelius still gets the odd flash, quite a shocking natural consequence for the little boy who never knocks 🙂 At least he’ll know that not all boobs look like they do in magazines!

  7. Why would anyone bother with being naked around their kids?
    There will probably come a time where they’ll just say ‘ehh’ and leave the room automatically. Why worry about it?

    Anyway, don’t take life too seriously!

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