We Will Rock You

Silas Silas Silas my little musical boy. He’s on my lap watching videos of Queen on youtube. Mesmerized by Freddy Mercury singing We Are the Champions. He loves this song. He also loves We Will Rock You and can get the beat often…unless he tries to sing and clap at the same time. Queen rocks for kids ha ha…aside from his naughty songs like “Fat Bottom Girls” ha ha. I hope Silas isn’t going to make me get him white short shorts and a bandana for his neck like Freddy Mercury wears…yikes.

I actually went to church yesterday, I haven’t been feeling like it for a lonnnnnnnnng time. My goodness the kids had fun with the music. My little Ikey walked right up front and clapped and danced. He’s so stinking cute. I ended up just helping in the nursery. The poor woman was all alone with like 6 babies. Aside from that being illegal I think, it’s hard too. I was a nursery worker there for YEARS. I should start again, it’s fun. Anyway, the kids had a blast too. They loved the music and ikey loved the cookies in the nursery

So Brent spent most of Saturday trying to get a ceiling fan up in our room. Yes folks, he runs massive multi million dollar housing building projects but it takes him all day to get a ceiling fan up…k not all day. Anyway Silas and I were laying in my bed and he was singing sweetly so I caught it on my cell phone for all of you to see 🙂 These are his own songs that he has made up himself. Quite catch I think.

Ooooo cute.

I got to hang out with my cousin yesterday. Through my magic of facebook, I actually feel like I have cousins. I never really knew them. BUT Holly came and we had a BBQ last night which Brent was nice enough to prepare so I could visit. Brent makes some mean BBQ chicken…never over-cooked. He rocks my world.

In more exciting news, I have a little mini zucchini that I love and adore. I will take new photos of my garden. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it’s juicy flesh after it’s been BBQ’d. Yum.

So I’m trying to be all Mennonite and drink Yerba Mate out of a guampa with my bombilla but it’s TOOO STRONG!!! I’m sorry, I’m not sure if I can do it. I don’t know if I can be THAT healthy. I just don’t know. K I’m making no sense to most of you. Tata!!

Ooooo wait. New Zaza Bags are up. I didn’t sew any this week, I tried but then I stopped. We are introducing a new style!! This bag is incredible. Very in style right now but the ones you pay like 60 bucks for in the store aren’t even lined, this one is…with pockets inside too 🙂


  1. Cute Silas! I love singing kids. It always makes me smile.
    My Father-in-law drinks matte 3 times a day! He is the healthiest person I know. He is NEVER sick! I don’t mind drinking matte either, but it can be really strong at the begining. My FIL starts his and suck out the first 5-10 sips and spits them out. Then it is not so bad. The other thing he told me to not move the straw around , otherwise it gets really bitter again. Have you tried drinking it with ice cold water (terre)? Very refreshing on a hot day.
    Sorry this is a long comment about matte but I rarely meet anyone who knows much about this great tea! Hope your day is great.

  2. Man, Silas is incredible! I love his songs. And the bags are incredibel! Now that I’ve bought one I should stop looking at the site…cause I could just keep buying them!

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