Well, That Was Interesting…

So, day one with the psychologist went well.  He’s a great guy and he’s very well qualified to do what he’s doing.  I liked him very much.

These questions that they give you, things you don’t think about when your first child isn’t typicial.  I don’t realize how far off the realm of “typical” that he is.  He just seems normal to me.

After going through all the questions he told me that I would be wise to start shopping for therapists and that he’s going to most likely need about 40 hrs a week of ABA therapy…which doesn’t include speech, OT or any other therapy…oh my lordy lord.

I went into the meeting just hoping for recognition that Silas needs help.  This is definitely being recognised and the guy is seeing it more as classic autism than NOS or Aspergers.  Just as we suspected.

Anyway, all in all I left happy.  Just hard to realize the bigness of it all…that’s all.


  1. Glad you are getting some answers- it helps to have that so you can move forward. I know you live in Canada and I in Texas, so unsure how the two compare- but my son, as you know, is VERY much like yours and I feel he falls into the classic autism category now- at 16 months it was PDD; he attends a public school here and his class is all autistic boys 3-5 years old with 5 kids, 1 teacher and 2 aides in the room. It is wonderful, free, and very structures so he is thriving.
    We also do ABA at an external center 3-5 hours a week outside of school which is M-F 7-2, and he has OT and ST at school 1X a week. Do however much ABA you can and afford; my son is proof you don NOT have to do 40 hours a week to make progress! You can apply a lot of the ABA skills at home and work with him- it is not hard- good luck!

  2. What about Ikey in all of this – it just popped into my mind that he may need some help learning to cope with Silas in a healthy way – and that Silas won’t be negatively influencing him now while he is so little. . .

    Just thinking outloud – Mummy

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