What A Night

So yesterday evening we took both the boys to get their shots. Always a terrible experience. I was craving ABC food in a BAD way so we went there because Silas and I deserved a treat (I’m sick remember?). Silas was great at the restaurant and he even used some new 2 word sentences. He said “it’s cold” and “cold water”. How very clever. Anyway, we got home and Ikey finally ate like a champ, he only really ate twice yesterday. So everyone is in bed and Silas wakes up crying. This wakes up Isaac who cries so I put Isaac in my bed and he’s fast asleep again. Silas, however, is not and I need to rub his head for a while to get him to sleep. Once Silas is sleeping I go pick up Ike and notice his head feels REALLY hot. I take him downstairs for Tylenol and he’s so fast asleep that I didn’t think he’d notice me giving it to him, but he did. He was PISSED!! So rocking baby back to sleep…rock rock rock…asleep…phew. Back to bed. 30 mins later Ike is awake again so I just took him to bed with me to nurse. Silas wakes up while Ike is nursing…wake Brent up…Brent falls right back asleep…wake Brent up again and he finally takes care of Silas. Ikey and I both fall asleep until about 2 where I put him back to bed. Ikey wakes up again at 4 and he’s peed through his clothes and swaddle. Change clothes. I started nursing him and he swallowed too much air and out comes this MASSIVE belch accompanied by a tremendous amount of spit up. I’m wet and sticky. I take Ikey to bed to nurse him there. Silas wakes up at 7 very grumpy…Ikey’s penis traveled up again and he’s peed all over himself again. I think everyone is sleeping now. I’m going to take Ike up to bed with me so he can nurse while I sleep. I feel like poop.  I think Ikey is going to sleep in our guest room until he’s sleep trained.  If we have company then we’ll put him in with Silas.

Anyway, here’s some photos from yesterday before the kids were shot up with poison.




some of the best smiles in the world





Silas’ idea of what “smile” means.


  1. Oh my, oh my. That is quite the night. Hopefully you’ll be able to nap today sometime…want me to come over for an hour this afternoon so you can nap? Call me!

  2. Dang 🙁 What a night. Hope you can get some rest today. Way too cute smiles! Getting Silas to smile must be like getting my oldest to smile. That pic of them together… you’d think they were twins! Too cute!

  3. Silas had a three hour nap!!! I just took Ikey to bed with me and gave him my boobie. So I got in a nap. Silas’ armpit temp is 100.3 so I just gave him some Mortin. Poor babies.

  4. seeing those pictures is like taking a giant leap back in time to when Melanie and Colin were babies. I know that makes me sound old…. but…
    those babes are beautiful.

    I remember nights like those that went on forever. They suck.

  5. Nights like that are why for years after they were over I went to bed and was thankful that I’d sleep all night. How thoughtful of Leanne to offer to come .

  6. Yucky night! But look at those amazing cheeks … so pinchable! Cuddles with those two must make the nasty nights better, somewhat. 😛

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